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7 movies and series based on video games that you have available right now, and 4 that are being shot

It’s been a long time since video games were a thing for geeks, nerds and rare. We are talking about the most powerful entertainment sector in the worldgoing to the right to industries as large as literature and cinema.

The universality of games, together with the fact that everyone has a computer, a console or a mobile phone at home (this has been the true transformative agent), has made all human beings on the planet a target audience for this industry.

And, as always happens in the art world, transmedia works have been produced for decades. Books that become video games, movies that become comics or video games that become series.

If you like series like Friends, The Sopranos or Game of Thrones, HBO Max has these and many more in its catalog.

When a universe grows and expands, it gains in wealth, and the entertainment industry does not put barriers to go beyond the original medium where everything arose. The more works the better, is his motto.

Today we bring you a list of movies and series that jumped to the big screen after succeeding on the small one -either on the computer or on console- and that can be enjoyed from home. And we go a step further to tell you which ones are coming in the coming months.

6 movies and series based on video games that you have available right now, and 5 that are being shot

Movies and series that are already available on the main streaming services

sonic the movie

Blue hedgehog tries to navigate the complexities of life on Earth with his new best friend, a human named Tom Wachowski. Soon they must join forces to stop the evil Dr. Robotnik from capturing Sonic and using his powers for world domination.

These video games are the childhood of millions of people, when SEGA was a company that made consoles and video games. That time is behind (today’s SEGA is not even the shadow of what it was) but its intellectual properties continue to arouse interest. Sonic: I liked the movie a lot.

It is available on Netflix to watch and, best of all, it has a confirmed sequel, so you may see it in the list at the end where we bring you the series and movies that are currently being filmed.

These are the best Netflix horror movies of 2021. They are all currently on the streaming video-on-demand platform and are highly recommended.

monster hunter

It was released in 2021 after a somewhat complicated shoot, but Capcom’s video game franchise came to life after many attempts. The result was not the best, hence its scores on IMDB and Filmaffinity.

The original video game series came about in 2004 when the original Monster Hunter was released for the PlayStation 2. Since then the saga has not stopped growing, with its latest release, Monster Hunter World, its most successful title to date. (over 20 million copies sold).

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The movie is available on Apple TV+ to rent. On the positive side, it is in 4K and with the Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision standards. If you have 1:43 hours to spare, it’s a good way to kill time.

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This is one of the best series on television based on a video game. The Netflix animated series inherits the name of the Konami saga that became internationally famous in the 90s.

His arrival on television It came from the hand of the renowned screenwriter Warren Ellis, hence the expectation that it created from the first season. Right now we already have four seasons available on the American platform and, both laymen and experts, have liked the series a lot.

Its synopsis is simple, a vampire hunter fights to save a besieged city from an army of otherworldly beasts controlled by Dracula. If you want to know more you just have to enter Netflix and enjoy.

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To see this film you have to go to the cinema, since it premiered last month and still has a few weeks left in the “best theaters” in the country. After a very problematic shooting, like all movies based on video games, the film was released with Tom Holland as the protagonist.

Based on the video game saga owned by PlayStation and Naughty Dog, This film is one of Sony’s attempts to cash in with its own IP which, in the world of video games, is extremely important.,

Nathan Drake and his partner Victor Sullivan embark on a dangerous search for the greatest treasure ever found. At the same time, they track down clues that may lead to Drake’s missing brother. With this synopsis the film has raised to date 337 million dollars.

This game for PS4 is the culmination of a very successful saga, both in terms of sales and critics. It has dozens of hours of play at the highest level.

The Witcher

Here we cheat, depending on how you look at it. The original work is the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, but the worldwide explosion does not come until CD Projekt Red enters to develop the games. The Geralt of Rivia trilogy revitalized the saga of books that brought the witcher to life.

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For that reason we put it, since surely you and many of your friends knew the video game and not the books. The series is exclusively on Netflix, this being one of its most pampered series, and the protagonist is the unmistakable Henry Cavill.

Both the first and second seasons are available on Netflix and a few weeks ago the shooting of season number three began. By the way, there is another video game on the way.

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Set against the backdrop of the disparate cities of Piltover and Zaun, two sisters fight on opposite sides of a war between magical technologies and conflicting beliefs. If you’re interested, you’re taking a while to see it straight away.

Although it may not seem like it, the League of Legends universe is responsible for giving life to an animated series that fell in love with half the world when, in 2021, it came to light. A drawing that enters through the eyes, a well-done script and a good dose of action.

Arcane is the proof that transmedia products can surpass the original work. Arcane is a delight and a second season is already confirmed. It is available on Netflix as an exclusive product.

The World Health Organization has just updated the list of mental illnesses. For the first time video game addiction is included.

sonic 2 the movie

What is promised is debt, and at the beginning of the report we told you that you would see her again. The first of Sonic convinced the public and critics, raising a whopping 306 million dollars. And at Original Film they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make money.

Idris Elba, Shemar Moore, Jim Carrey or James Marsden are some of the names of this sequel that is in theaters right now.

Movies and series that are currently shooting

resident Evil

Netflix is ​​hovering around a series with real actors from a video game saga that is known around the world for pioneering the zombie and survival genre. Although the video game saga is experiencing an incredible revival, its cinematographic history is not so good.

With everything, Netflix has got down to work with Capcom, the person in charge of the IP, and they are in the middle of filming a series that will transfer us the original 1996 gamewhen Shinji Mikami shocked the world.

The Last of Us

Although Netflix has a lot of prominence on this list, now it is HBO Max who rises at this point and its work is not going to be easy, since we are talking about a saga that millions of people love and that is considered a cult.

Right now the series of The Last of Us is filming and the protagonists have already been announced. Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. A cast at the height of an IP that has fans all over the world. For many, the jewel in the PlayStation crown.

Without a doubt, this game aims to be one of the most important of the year. You can now reserve it with free shipping starting June 19, when it is launched.

God of War

It was the surprise of this year for many, but it is still true. Amazon enters fully into the creation of series based on video games with Kratos as the central protagonist. Surely encouraged by the enormous success of the 2018 installment.

The series is confirmed by Deadline, who gave the exclusive earlier this month. The adaptation comes from the creators and executive producers of The Expanse, another hugely successful Amazon series that was adapted from sci-fi books of the same name. There is no release date.

You can now try Amazon Prime Video for free for one month and with no commitment to stay. On this platform you can watch series like American Gods, Hanna and Jack Ryan, as well as hundreds of exclusive movies.

halo the series

At this point we have to explain two things. The first is that Halo, the series, has just been released on Paramount + in the United States and that in a few months it will arrive in our country on some platform, so we have to wait to see it legally in our country.

And secondly we have the justification that the Master Chief is in this category, and that is that the producers are already shooting the second season. Yes, Paramount renewed a series that had not yet been released for one more season, that’s how cool they are.

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