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7 realme phones that we have tested and recommend

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If you want a mobile with good value for money, there are several realme devices that are very worthwhile and that we have been able to analyze.

For some time now, realme has been sweeping sales in Spain, especially with its cheaper phones, which have become a clear reference in the market, standing up and gaining market share from firms like Xiaomi, probably its main rival.

If you want to buy a cheap mobile in any range, realme has several models that perfectly meet everything you can ask of them.and we know this because we have tried them, many of them.

We can recommend several realme phones because we analyze and compare them with other models, with their specifications and what they perform at the moment of truth. There are many worthwhile phones in their catalog in different price segments.

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There are from just 150 or 200 euros to much more premium ones, with processors like the Snapdragon 888, although there is a key and that is that this brand always tries to keep prices low, even if the features are first-rate.

These are the five best realme phones that we have recently tested.

  1. realme GT Neo 3T
  2. realme 8i
  3. realme 9i
  4. realme GT Master Edition
  5. realme gt 2
  6. realme 9 Pro+
  7. realme GT 2 Pro

realme GT Neo 3T

This is undoubtedly one of Realme’s key phones, both in terms of power and price, and it offers practically the same as many high-end devices but at a much lower price.

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It moves around 400 euros, depending on whether or not it is on sale, but if it costs less it becomes a bargain. In its analysis we have verified that for performance, photography and screen it is a real beast.

For example, it has a Snapdragon 870 processor accompanied by AMOLED screen at 120 Hz and fast charging at no less than 85Wthat is, in less than half an hour you will have battery for two days.

Not bad at all, and to that we must add a quite striking and attractive design.

realme 8i

realme 8i

This is one of the most successful devices of this Chinese brand, the realme 8i, which despite costing less than 200 euros, offers quite remarkable performance.

The design is one of the points that we liked the most, and it is that it has a mirror finish in the rear area that makes it quite attractive, although in its analysis there are other elements that are outstanding, such as the display at 120hz.

It offers things until recently unthinkable for such a cheap smartphonehence it is highly recommended even if there is already a new edition for sale.

realme 9i

realme 9i

If the 8i was already a very good mobile, the realme 9i is much better, and we have been able to see it first-hand.

It equips a Snapdragon 680 as a processor, a guarantee chip in the entry range, especially since it makes the most of the battery, which arrives without many problems after two days but can be squeezed much more.

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Also has fast charge at 33W, screen at 90 Hz and NFCso you can put little or no hits on it.

Its price also remains around 200 euros, although it will surely go down over the months as usual.

realme GT Master Edition

realme GT Master Edition

If you are looking for a powerful mobile to play or you simply like all applications to open instantly and without delay, this is a good candidate, especially since its processor is a Snapdragon 778G, so it is also compatible with 5G.

Not only that, but it carries the fast charge at 65W, figure already more than respectable. In its review we have been able to analyze everything it has to offer and it is not little, so it is a very balanced terminal that does not falter in anything at all.

Even its cameras do the chest smoothly with excellent results day and night. For less than 300 euros you could have a pretty good mid-high range mobile.

realme gt 2

realme GT 2 5G

This is another device that offers all the power that any Android user could need, plus with ultra-fast charging and 5G.

It is very complete, although it should be noted that the arrival of the realme GT Neo 3T or the realme GT 2 Pro have displaced it a bit from the brand’s catalog, although it is still attractive.

It goes above 400 euros almost always, although when it is lowered below that figure it becomes much more attractive.

In the review of the realme GT 2 Pro we have thoroughly tested it and this is the result.

realme 9 Pro+

realme 9 Pro+

This is one of the best realme mobiles today, with a processor that is not from Qualcomm but from Mediatek, the Dimensity 920, high-end and capable of running absolutely any Android game or service.

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It also has 8GB of RAM, something that As we have seen, it makes its performance fly and meets 100% at all times..

It has a fairly characteristic realme design, which, although aesthetically attractive, almost forces you to use a cover with it, as we mentioned in its analysis.

Its price is close to 400 euros, although any other similar mobile can cost much more.

realme GT 2 Pro

This does look like it will be Realme’s flagship in 2022, and it has already been presented and we have also been able to test it with truly outstanding results.

At all times you have the feeling of having a premium mobile in your hands, especially for performance, but also for the screen or for the quality of your photos.

You can run games like Genshin Impact with the graphics at maximum quality and with reduced heating, a milestone thanks to its Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and its 12GB of RAM.

Yes indeed, as soon as it is available it will be for more than 800 euros, so it will not be exactly affordable.

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