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7 series that coffee lovers will especially enjoy

Chatting with friends over a good coffee is the perfect excuse for many scenes from television series. Some of its protagonists are passionate coffee growers.

The coffee It is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Not only for its aromatic flavor, and the hundreds of varieties that exist. Above all, for its ability to clear our minds, take away our sleep and provide energy.

Many T.V. series They are a reflection of society. And its writers are passionate lovers of this drink, which has saved their lives, professionally, at times when they needed an extra push to deliver a script on time.

Some mythical series have made coffee scenes iconic, and they have even dedicated chapters or subplots to this drink. Let’s take a look at 7 series that coffee lovers will especially enjoy.

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We begin, how could it be otherwise, with the legendary series friendsone of the most viewed and most loved in history.

Many of the scenes in Friends, especially in the early seasons, took place in the Central Perk cafeteria, the meeting place of the group of protagonist friends. Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Monica and Chandler told each other their relationship problems sitting on a sofa in Central Perk, around a coffee table.

Incomprehensibly, one of the best sitcoms in the history of television, Fraser, it cannot be seen on any streaming platform. Almost every chapter included a scene in the cafe Nervosathe place where the protagonist Frasier and his brother Niles met daily to tell each other their neuras.

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Many of the plots breaking bad they revolve around drugs, but their protagonists and their screenwriters were lovers of that soft drug called coffee. How to forget that scene from episode 6 of the third season, in which the protagonist Walter White tastes “the best coffee in the world”…:

The Serie Twin Peaksby David Lynch, is considered one of the first “modern” series, inaugurating a new way of making television. Agent Dale Cooper appeared in many scenes with a cup of coffee in his hand.. It is something quite common in police or detective series.

If there is a series that made Lattes and other coffee variants fashionable, that was sex in new york. Its protagonists appeared with a glass of coffee in hand in numerous situations.

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The Big Bang Theory is another of the series where coffee is one more protagonist, in an unusual way. There are many scenes in which we see Penny or Leonard preparing coffee in the kitchen, while chatting with other characters. In this series they give more importance to the preparation, than to the consumption itself.

This list could not miss one of the best comedy series on television in Spain, and which is also devoted more than any to this drink. We talk, of course, about camera coffeethe only series in the world where the only camera with which it is shot is located in a coffee machine.

Dozens of times throughout each episode the protagonists put a coin in the machine to get an espresso coffeewhile chatting with their office colleagues.

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7 complicit series for coffee lovers, but they are so good, that everyone likes them.

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