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7 simple tricks to sleep better, if you are already an age

Whether we like it or not, our body changes as we age, and sooner or later those changes end up affecting sleep.

Nobody likes it get older. But it is unavoidable. Changes occur in our bodyAnd we’re not just talking about gray hair, wrinkles, or a beer belly.

With age, some bodily functions change.without this implying that we have any illness: we sleep more lightly, it is harder to fall asleep, we go to the bathroom more times to urinate, we snore more, or restless legs syndrome appears.

All this makes sleep quality is reduced: you rest worse, and that takes its toll during the day. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce these negative effects.

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The ActiveBeat website has consulted several doctors and therapists, who offer us these 7 tips to help you sleep better when you are over 45 years old.

They are simple to apply, and they really work.

A nice place

For our brain to be encouraged to sleep, the right conditions must be met.

It will do better if the environment invites it: Sheets and duvet are clean, comfortable, and room is tidy.

It also helps a lot use blackout curtainsto prevent any light from entering.

No to afternoon naps

Many people, especially older people, are used to taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon, or watching TV at night in the living room.

It’s a bad habit, breaks the natural sleep cycleand it will make it hard to sleep in bed later.

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a bit outdoors

With age, many people tend to leave the house less. But spending time outside is how our brains differentiate when to be active, and when to sleep.

Go out every day for a while to get some airpreferably in the morning, so that the sleep cycles are adjusted.

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do exercise

Exercise has countless benefits, especially with age. One of them is that helps you rest better.

No need to beat yourself up. Just go for a walk, ride a bike, do a stationary bike… everything works.

an hour of relaxation

The hour before you go to sleep dedicate it to relax body and mind for sleep. At this time, no screens.

Take a relaxing bath, read a book, do yoga, meditate, paint, do a craft… Anything that helps you relax.

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Reduce fluid intake

If you wake up several times a night to go to the bathroom, avoid drinking liquids at least an hour before going to sleep.

And above all, nothing of coffee and alcohol.

Always at the same time

If it’s posible, get used to always going to bed at the same time. This helps the brain a lot to know when to switch off.

It is also advisable to sleep the same number of hours every day.

They are simple tips to apply, so it is worth putting them into practice.

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