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7 things that could tell you that you caught Covid without you knowing it

Omicron has caused many to confuse it with the flu.

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We are going through again a strong wave of Covid caused by the Omicron variant, that according to health experts, it is much more transmissible than its predecessors; That is why, at this time, you surely know someone close to you who has tested positive for the disease.

But there is also the case of those who had symptoms similar to those of the coronavirus but who for many reasons did not get a test to verify it, or those who had a slight discomfort for a short period of time and the asymptomatic, who without knowing it , were carriers of SARS-CoV-2.

And it is that everything indicates that Ómicron seemed more difficult to detect because its symptoms can be easily confused with the flu, a disease that is very common to suffer during the winter season.

If you have doubts about whether it is possible that you have already been infected with coronavirus without knowing it, here we leave you some signs that could confirm your suspicions.

7 things that could confirm that you got Covid without you knowing

1) You had a slight cold. The symptoms of Ómicron are mild in people with a complete vaccination schedule. Thus, some people have no noticeable symptoms. If you didn’t feel sick enough to get tested, you may have had coronavirus and recovered without knowing it.

2) You thought it was the flu but it could have been flurone. If you had a fever, cough and tiredness for a few days and you thought it was the flu, it could be but also with Covid, which doctors have called flurone.

3) Hair loss. If you noticed unusual hair loss, it could be because you had the virus at some point.

4) If someone in your family was sick. If all members of a family were sick except one, it is possible that they were infected and did not know it.

5) Stomach upset. Coronavirus is a respiratory disease, but not everyone coughs or has typical symptoms. For some, diarrhea may be the first and only sign of infection.

According to a report by NBC Chicago, people with a weakened immune system or immunosuppression are more likely to experience diarrhea or other gastrointestinal symptoms after Omicron infection. Experts at Johns Hopkins Hospital also noted that around 20% may have diarrhea soon after infection.

6) Eye infection. Eye inflammation, or conjunctivitis, can be a symptom of coronavirus, but it’s very rare, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

7) If you had a strange rash or infection on your toes. A small study by Spanish scientists found 5 types of skin rashes, including what they call Covid toe, which were seen in patients in different hospitals. According to the findings, the rash appears mainly in young patients and tends to remain for several days.

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