Thursday, September 28

7 tricks you didn’t know existed in Google Maps

You may use Google Maps in your daily life, but it is likely that you do not know any of the 7 hidden tricks within this Google application.

Google Maps has become one of the most used applications on mobile phones and being able to view maps and routes quickly is extremely useful. Of course, despite the fact that it is a widely used application, the truth is that several of its hidden features and functionalities are completely unknown.

We have decided that this will come to an end and that is why We have compiled 7 tricks that you did not know you could do with Google Maps from your phone and regardless of whether the operating system is Android or iOS. They are quite varied tricks and that we assure you will be useful in your day to day when using the application.

Zoom with one hand. When zooming into Google Maps, what many people believe is that it is necessary to have both hands free to be able to do the pincer gesture, but this is an error since clicking twice on an area zooms in without any problem.

Always find a place to park. Right now Google Maps offers information about the occupation of car parks and, therefore, you can leave at the right times to arrive and not have to search for long periods of time for a place to leave your vehicle safely.

Disguise the Google Maps stick figure. The humanoid that appears on Google Maps as an indication of the position in some situations can be dressed in different outfits, such as the one used by the guards at Buckingham Palace if we are looking for this place or in an alien when looking for Area 51.

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Never lose your car. When parking, you can mark this point on Google Maps so that you always remember the place where you have left the vehicle and, above all, so that you do not have to look for it anxiously if you do not remember this place. After lowering the car, click on the blue beacon that indicates where you are and select ‘Save parking’.

Download the maps so you don’t have to use the data. You can download the maps on Google Maps to use them offline, making it much more comfortable when you go on a trip or, for example, have to visit a place where the coverage is not adequate at a general level.

Measure distances from Google Maps. This application is not only used to show the paths and routes between different points, you can also measure the distances between different points, so you will always have this information on hand to know what you have traveled in case they do not appear on the map .

Share the time it will take to arrive. Google Maps allows you to send updates of your trip, making it much more comfortable for the people who are waiting for you to know where you are. You just have to start a route and then go to the last options where ‘Say where you’re going’ will appear and select the contact to whom this will be sent.

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