Thursday, October 21

70 days with Bartomeu, 100 without president

  • “Spokesman? I don’t mind being one, but I’m a coach and it can’t be that a club like Barça doesn’t have a president”

  • “Let’s see who comes out. We have to plan the future of this great club”

  • The coach asks for strong leadership to continue rebuilding the squad

  • The team needs to overcome the quarter-final round at Nuevo Los Cármenes to get closer to the title that has the easiest

Having lost the first title of the season, the Spanish Super Cup, Barça today looks to another final, camouflaged, yes, under the heading of the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey against Granada. The “shortest” tournament, as Koeman remembers for a week, “to win something.” The Catalans need to defeat the Andalusian team tonight to continue advancing on that route to celebrate something.

A much simpler route than La Liga (Atlético is 10 points ahead and one game less) and the imminent Champions League, where Neymar and Mbappé’s Paris SG are a fearsome threat (they arrive at Camp Nou on the 16th) for a decadent Barça . So decadent that it does not yet have a president, something that is essential for the day-to-day – no winter signings have arrived as requested by the coach, no trace of Eric García, or Depay – and is essential for the future.

The club is so bored that in just 48 hours two documents were leaked: the report of the technical secretariat on Eric García and Messi’s contract

Koeman is good for everything. First, to train. Its main function. For that, Bartomeu signed him, desperate as he was after the failure in the dismissal of Valverde, in the middle of the season, and the disastrous election of Setién, which ended in the tragic 2-8 Lisbon.

He also acts as a spokesperson for a club that has no speech or story, bored as it is in such a way that in just 48 hours two documents have been leaked: the report of the technical secretariat to endorse the frustrated signing of Eric García and the contract of Messi, exposed to the eyes of the world.

Situation of weakness

Koeman knew where it was coming from. What he did not intuit, perhaps, is that the tremendous situation of weakness that strangles Barça. He has been without a president for longer (he has been today for exactly 100 days) than with Bartomeu (only 70 coincided).

“Spokesperson? I don’t mind being one, but we need a president. A club like Barcelona cannot have no president. Let’s see who it will be, especially to plan the future of this great club,” the coach stressed.

With Dest and Busquets

His excellent knowledge of the club has allowed him to overcome all kinds of difficulties. Even those coming from the ‘intorno’, as he described it in his day Little Begiristain, technical secretary with Laporta (2003-10). “There are always people from outside who have friends inside, but I, as a coach, will defend my players and the club from leaks like Messi’s. As I said the other day, it is done with bad intentions,” he still said with a tone. angry.

“There are always people from outside who have friends inside, but I, as a coach, will defend my players and the club from leaks like Messi’s. It is done with bad intentions,” Koeman reiterates

Hence, he liked the reaction of Barça against Athletic. “It is something absurd that you have been with Messi for three or four days. The team and Leo have responded in the way that I like the most,” Koeman commented, assuming that these external attacks have been able to influence a greater cohesion of the group. “Outsiders can always force a dressing room to be stronger as a squad at a delicate moment.”

They are the quarterfinals of the Cup. It does not have a final name, but for Barça it is

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Granada emerges tonight as a new obstacle for a team that straightened up in the League, with five consecutive victories, but needs titles to give Koeman time. And, of course, to the club. And to the president who arrives (be it Laporta, Font or Freixa) on March 7.

The coach recovers Dest, overcome his muscular discomfort, rescues Busquets, after his league sanction, discards Junior Firpo and entrusts Messi, once again, to the angry Messi to shorten stages towards the Cup. He has no final name. But it is.

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