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70% of nurses have been assaulted during the pandemic

Attacks on toilets have intensified during the pandemic. / MF

The vast majority consider that the work environment and the relationship with patients have worsened during the two years of covid


Seven out of ten nurses have suffered physical or verbal aggression from patients or relatives in the last two years in which the health system has had to face the pandemic. And almost 80% consider that in this time of covid the work environment and the relationship with patients have worsened.

This follows from the advance results of the macro-survey that the SATSE nursing union has carried out with all professionals from the different autonomous communities to find out the current reality regarding physical violence (shoves, blows, punches…) and/or verbal violence (threats , insults, harassment…) suffered by these health professionals when carrying out their assistance and care work in hospitals, health centers and other health and socio-health centers.

According to SATSE, the first results are conclusive in confirming that aggression, both physical and verbal, affects a large majority of these health professionals and that, despite the social recognition manifested at the beginning of the pandemic, “they continue to be a serious problem that must be addressed and resolved urgently.”

The union emphasizes that “the understandable weariness of the population when verifying the structural deficit of resources and means that health has, and that the pandemic has worsened, is causing some patients and relatives to pay for it with professionals who, in addition to not being responsible for the situation, they are doing everything possible so that it does not affect care and care despite having been fighting the pandemic for two years.

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Specifically, seven out of ten male and female nurses report having suffered physical or verbal aggression, “a very worrying figure that, without a doubt, places aggression as one of the main risks to their physical, psychological and emotional health when it comes to to carry out their assistance and care work”, he emphasizes.

Similarly, 77% are convinced that the work environment and the relationship with patients have worsened in recent times, characterized by heavy overload and care pressure, “as well as the clear shortage of nursing staff, in the group of our health system.

Faced with this unfortunate reality, practically all the nurses consulted by SATSE are in favor of approving a State Law to prevent aggression and act in the most effective way once it has occurred.

Also the doctors

The SATSE, recalls the trade union organization, before the pandemic transferred to all public administrations and political parties a specific proposal for a state law “which includes more than 50 measures and actions in all areas and levels to fight against the proposed nursing a set of 50 measures to fight against violence in health centers and hospitals, which especially affects nurses, but also other health workers.

Without going any further, the Observatory against Aggressions of the General Council of Physicians has registered since it began collecting data in 2010, and until 2021, 5,649 aggressions reported to the Official Associations. And in this second year of the pandemic, attacks on doctors have grown again and the figures are once again at levels similar to those of 2019. Medical professionals also continue to insist on the development of a National Plan against Assaults on Doctors, as you have written in this
Article the secretary general of the General Council of Physicians, José María Rodríguez Vicente.

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