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70% of users back up to the cloud

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According to a report carried out by the subsidiary of Telefónica Tech, acens, a 70% of users say they have backup copies of their information in the cloud, especially from their mobile devices, and to a lesser extent from their computers. This shows that users are increasingly aware of having a backup of their files, photos and videos, although they do not do it with the desired frequency. Only 10% do it daily, 33% every 1 or 2 months and 10% once a year. 17% only make backup copies when they change their mobile, and 30% acknowledge that they have never made a backup.

POn the other hand, acens has analyzed the importance for SMEs of having backup copies in the cloud. The company estimates that the contracting of backup services by SMEs will grow very significantly in 2022. “The best way to ensure the business continuity of an SME, in the event of an infrastructure failure or a security breach, is to have a Backup in the cloud and have the information in a different location. In this way, if an organization suffers an incident and the information is encrypted, not only from the PCs, but also from any unit that is connected to the network, it will be able to continue with its operations as the backup copy is isolated, being able to have information stored immediately Explain Ricardo de la Cruz Moreno (Responsible for the Cloud IaaS Product Department at acens).

It is estimated that the contracting of backup services by SMEs will grow very significantly in 2022

70% of the cyberattacks carried out in Spain are directed at SMEs, which is why it is necessary for them to adopt new security measures for their data. Cloud backup services stand as one of the best solutions, But what questions should an SME ask itself before hiring a cloud backup service provider?:

  1. What does the backup solution protect? The first thing is to check if it is a professional solution in accordance with the protection of information that the SME needs, if it is for PCs, servers, applications and/or virtual machines.
  2. Do you have a flexible schedule? It is a question of knowing if it is possible to define the frequency and schedule of the backup copies or if they are preconfigured without the option of modifying it. If it allows executing, for example, backups based on configurable parameters of battery use, computer CPU load or selection of folders and files to be protected.
  3. It’s easy to use? The installation should be simple, fast and simplified management, via the web.
  4. What kind of operating systems does it support? In the case of a professional backup solution, it is necessary to confirm that the solution covers the largest possible number of operating systems available on the market.
  5. Does the solution adapt to business growth? It should be a scalable solution and not have a limit of configured users or computers.
  6. How many resources does it consume? There are solutions for PCs that optimize resources and represent up to 90% reduction in bandwidth consumption.
  7. How is the information secured? It is necessary to know if it has data encryption through some data encryption algorithm and information access control.
  8. Does the backup solution offer redundancy? Cloud storage systems, in addition to providing backup, can offer redundancy options to store information twice and in different geographical areas. When deciding on the redundancy option, the balance between the cost of the service and the high availability of the information will be decisive.
  9. How is the management by the user? You have to see if it has an online administration console for multi-user environments, if there is a control of privileges by user and profile for managing access to resources and execution of actions, and if it has remote software update.
  10. And in case problems arise? It is necessary to know if the provider has a specialized support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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