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70% of women taxi drivers have felt discriminated against in their work

A report by the mobility platform FreeNow reveals that women taxi drivers suffer excessively from situations of harassment, especially for sexist humor.

The mobility platform FreeNow anticipates International Women’s Day, which is celebrated on March 8, and publishes the results of a report in which it reveals that seven out of 10 women taxi drivers have felt discriminated against in their work.

“The III Observatory of Women Taxi Driver It is an initiative that arises from its commitment to give visibility to women taxi drivers in a sector where stereotypes predominate,” company sources explain.

Sexist humor and male superiority

Among the main conclusions, it stands out that 70% of the women who work as taxi drivers They have felt discriminated against in their work.

Among the main reasons, the sexist humorindicated in 36.1% and the feeling of male superiority (23%). In both cases, they are situations that grow with respect to 2021, specifically 13% and 2% over the previous year.

31.1% of those surveyed also report having suffered sexual comments and inappropriate approaches. The comments have decreased by 8% with respect to the data of the previous year.

“These situations of harassment and/or discrimination are not usually reported, since 80% of taxi drivers state that it is very difficult to prove them (which is 25% more than last year),” continues the study.

Although 54% of drivers think that reporting is useless; more than 60% say they feel supported by their peers when they have reported an event of harassment or discrimination.

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And it is that, despite the fact that there is a very masculine perception of the taxi sector, 87% of taxi drivers feel accepted by their male colleagues. Specifically, 55.7% feel very welcome (vs. 51.3% in 2021) and 24.6% (vs. 23.7% in 2021) somewhat welcome, which represents a total increase of 6% compared to to the previous year.

family conciliation

According to the III Observatory, 60.7% of taxi drivers prefer to work during the day. One of the reasons for this is that this schedule allows a greater reconciliation of personal and professional life, which continues to be the first reason why taxi drivers choose this profession (44.3%).

“The taxi sector allows you to reconcile certain aspects of private life that other sectors do not allow,” says Pamela, host of FREE NOW Spain.

“In my case, for example, I changed from the commerce sector to the taxi sector because with the taxi hours I could take care of my children when they were little, and now that they have grown up, this time flexibility gives me the option of going back to school”, Add.

Day shifts feel like safer

On the other hand, day shifts are often perceived as saferthe same as performing services with female clients.

65.6% of those surveyed are indifferent to the gender of the client; but 3 out of 10 taxi drivers prefer to be women. In addition, 50% admit to having avoided taking a male customer or group of customers on occasion because they feel vulnerable because they are women, and 90% believe that passengers feel safer when the driver is a woman.

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This article was published in Autobild by Noelia López.

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