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72% of CEOs fear losing their jobs by 2022, survey finds

CEOs have had challenging years, and for most their tenure in command is not guaranteed.

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Simon Freakley, CEO of AlixPartners, spoke to Bloomberg about the results of their survey: “Disruptive Forces, How the Supply Chain and the Labor Market Are Acting Simultaneously,” which found that the 72% of CEOs are fearful of losing their jobs in 2022.

The figure is significantly higher compared to the previous year, when only 52% of executives were worried about their professional future in the middle of the pandemic.

After the incipient recovery that allowed us to be more optimistic about the economic recovery, the labor shortages, supply chain problems and the continuation of the pandemic, cloud the economic horizon again, and today in the face of this scenario, CEOs fear losing their jobs in 2022.

The reason a growing number of CEOs are concerned about their job security is because of Business-related disruptions in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most of the executives, around 94% said their business models needed to be reviewed within three years and their concern lies in the major changes that have occurred in the business environment since the beginning of 2020, facing disruptions in the supply chain and labor shortages and inflation.

The direction of the executives in their businesses is facing specific challenges:

– 80% are concerned that the current labor shortage is permanent.

– For 77% actions taken to address supply chain problems were not effective enough.

Surprisingly, only 3% cited the Covid-19 virus as the main source of concern.

Simon Freakley, pointed out that in 2020, managers, in addition to fighting Covid, realized that they actually survived and made it through the year, after the need to boost revenue and the growth of their businesses.

The AlixPartners survey was conducted of 3,000 directors and senior executives in 10 industries, belonging to countries in North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East.

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