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770 reinforcement agents and special surveillance for shopping and safe tourism



The city of Madrid will be shielded to have a Safe christmas. This year’s police device will have 770 agents from the National Reinforcement Corps on morning, afternoon and night shifts, in addition to a special plan to guarantee safe shopping and tourism and avoid the commission of minor crimes, such as theft of wallets. .

Thus, the safe tourism plan which is applied throughout the year, on these dates it is intensified by the number of tourists arriving in the capital. “Although still this year international tourism will continue to be scarce due to the pandemic, a large influx of national visitors is expected to enjoy the great leisure offer that the city has,” stressed the slim of the Government, Mercedes González, after hold a coordination meeting with representatives of the National Police, Municipal Police, Samur-Civil Protection, Firefighters, Regional Transport Consortium, Metro, EMT and Renfe.

This plan tries to protect the visitor so that can move around the city without risk to be a victim of the different crimes associated with tourist activity.

More security in shops

In this sense, the surveillance dedicated to commerce is also directed, which will increase public safety in the shopping areas of all districts during the opening hours of stores, especially in Centro, Salamanca, Retiro, Chamberí and Moncloa-Aravaca . The Citizen Participation Unit of the Higher Police Headquarters of Madrid, together with the Units of the District Police Stations, will work to raise awareness among citizens in general, and also merchants, to prevent them from falling victim to scams. Likewise, the National Police increases meetings in businesses, supermarkets, private security companies, with neighborhood associations. The increase in security will not be limited to the most central areas of the city, but will also be deployed in the busiest areas and the commercial hubs of the neighborhoods.

Avoid wallet theft

Another of the main axes of the plan is the one that affects the commission of minor crimes, such as robberies in high-traffic areas -It should be remembered that Spain is in level 4 of antiterrorist alert-. A special device will be made against theft and theft of wallets in the downtown area; reinforcement of the complaint offices of the police stations in the city center to avoid possible queues; use of the Condor helicopter of the National Police, which provides images in real time to the Operational Control Center (CECOR) in those cases where it is necessary; reinforcement of CIMACC 091 (Intelligent Command and Control Coordination Center) in the event of a possible increase in incidents; and an increase in the police presence by the Transport Unit in the Metro, Long Distance Renfe, Cercanías and EMT.

The device will be adapted to the epidemiological situation and to the possible restrictions that are implemented in case the numbers of infections increase. To do this, a special meeting will be organized in order to control the New Year’s Eve celebration at Puerta del Sol, in addition to others to analyze the soccer games declared high risk, the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery draw, the popular race San Silvestre Vallecana, and the different cavalcades of Kings that will cross the different districts of the city.

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