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The celebration of 8-M, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, this year is once again at the center of the political dispute. If in 2020 some blamed the demonstrations held throughout Spain for the rise in coronavirus cases in the following days, in 2021 the left and the right cross again reproaches on account of the mobilizations to demand equality between men and women.

The president of the Community, Fernando López Miras, yesterday insisted to the Government Delegation not to authorize the five marches called in the capital of the Region on Monday. “They are going to pose a risk to people’s health due to the possibility that infections may rise,” warns the chief executive.

Miras reminds the delegate, José Vélez, that although the authorization of the demonstrations corresponds “exclusively” to the State Administration, the health authority “is the Regional Ministry of Health.” “And the health authority, what it has expressed is that it is not at all advisable to authorize acts in which there will be agglomerations of people,” he said. “The fourth wave is knocking on the door and there are more and more cases of new variants such as the British one, which are much more contagious,” he adds.

The President of the Community reiterates that “this is not the time to promote agglomerations of people; This is not the time to promote mobility and social interaction; This is not the time to put at risk what we have achieved with great effort in recent weeks.

Unions will focus on their headquarters separately

The unions UGT and CC OO will hold rallies at their respective headquarters next Monday on the occasion of 8-M. They will be one hour long. Before that, the trade union organizations will present their manifesto in defense of equality and will hold virtual assemblies with their delegates to address future challenges. Participating in the event will be Anna María Mellado García, secretary of Women and Equality, Youth and Social Policy of CC OO in the Region, and Eugenia Pérez Parra, regional secretary of Social Policy, Social Security and Union Participation of UGT.

On the contrary, he believes that “it is time to endure, to continue limiting social interaction, to advance mass vaccinations, to immunize as many of the population as possible, especially vulnerable people.”

No one has weighed it

In the Government Delegation they maintain that they are not going to suspend the five authorized concentrations mainly because, they assure, they have no legal basis for it, since none of the reports of the Ministry of Health expressly prohibits them. In any case, José Vélez has asked the organizers (two associations and three individuals) to weigh up their decision and, out of responsibility, celebrate 8-M avoiding crowds.

Until yesterday, no march had been canceled. They can do it even on the day of the rally. The Government Delegation recalls that only one hundred people are authorized to attend. He reproaches the PP once again for not showing so much interest in avoiding the holding of 419 demonstrations held in Murcia during the state of alarm.

For his part, the general secretary of the PSRM, Diego Conesa, announced that his party will not participate this year in any March 8 march. However, it supports people who, “in their right”, go to them. He did encourage people to attend “manifestos readings and organized cultural activities.” Conesa requested that “it not be used again on March 8 in the way it was done last year.” More harsh was Gloria Alarcón, who accuses López Miras of “wanting to silence the women” of the Region.

“A real cacicada”

We can not go to the marches either. But her regional spokesperson, María Marín, denounced that “the regional government’s attempt to ban feminist demonstrations is a real cacicada.” In his opinion, PP and Cs “can see the feather duster” when “they only ask for a ban on the 8-M demonstrations,” while “they have not even spoken, and have even attended some”, the others 419 mobilizations that have been called in the Region during the pandemic. Marín cited the protests against the ‘Celaá Law’.

The spokeswoman for the purple formation considers that the request for the concentrations to be suspended responds “to one more cession in the face of pressure from the extreme right” rather than to a real concern about the risk of a possible increase in coronavirus infections.

“The # QuédateEnCasa is a perverse, white, middle-class message”

The Feminist Movement calls a demonstration on the occasion of March 8, International Women’s Day, which will take place at 6:00 p.m. and will depart from the Plaza de la Fuensanta, in Murcia, under the slogan ‘The street is my home’, reported the organization in a statement.

The organizers indicate that the mobilization will run through an “open and wide” space such as the Gran Vía, “where distances can be kept following all the rules that the experts have repeated as safety without risk.” For the Feminist Movement, March 8 is “a symbol around which women from all over the world agree to raise their voices demanding rights that patriarchy, as a system of domination, denies us.”

Thus, it claims rights that “in an immensity of cases are human rights if our gaze goes beyond middle-class white women and we focus on migrants, racialized, stigmatized, in a precarious situation, of physical dysfunction or psychological discomfort and people Lgtbiq + over which the patriarchy exercises unbearable oppression. In a scenario of precariousness and crisis like the one in which we find ourselves, we mobilized ourselves ».

With the slogan ‘The street is my home’, the Feminist Movement wants to refer to “the thousands of people who are homeless, who have been and continue to be evicted, women being the most affected as always, at the same time that they are an answer to the # StayInCasa of our leaders ». Thus, for this organization, ‘Stay at home’ is “a perverse, privileged, white, middle-class message.”

For its part, the Colombine platform, of feminist journalists from the Region, does not join any of the demonstrations called this year due to the current health situation. In a statement, the organization reported that it wants to make the fight for equality visible without promoting or participating in massive meetings, but betting on “a different, responsible way, without risking health, but launching a clear and necessary message: #We want to count ( it)”.

The members of the Platform will carry out an action on the street next Monday morning. They will read a manifesto and there will be an artistic expression “to symbolically make visible the situation of gender inequality,” they explain in their statement.

Colombine says that “it is women who have suffered the double scourge of the pandemic crisis, as many have had to quit their jobs to attend to care. In addition, the confinement meant that many victims of sexist violence lived with their abuser.

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