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8 mobiles under 200 euros that we have tested and that we recommend buying

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Hundreds of products pass through our hands every year, mainly mobile phones of all kinds. Beyond the flagships of all brands, we also tested the cheapest devices, which are perhaps the ones that are sold in the largest numbers.

If what you want is buy a cheap mobile for less than 200 euros and you don’t know which one, has several suggestions from our experience, with eight phones that we have been able to test and whose purchase we would recommend.

They all have at least a 70 out of 100 average grade, although obviously there are better and worse, of course. Not all of them have the same features, but some even offer top details such as 5G, which was unthinkable in this price segment until recently.

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Xiaomi has a presence, as do realme and other Asian firmsalthough there is some veteran who also sneaks into this list of best cheap mobiles, such as Samsung.

  1. POCO M4 Pro
  2. realme 9i
  3. redmi 10
  4. Motorola Moto G30
  5. TCL 20L+
  6. POCO M3 Pro
  7. Motorola E40
  8. Samsung Galaxy M12


With Helio G96 and an excellent screen, POCO’s new mobile becomes one of the best cheap phones for 2022.

This would be our first choice when buying a mobile with the given budget, although it must be clarified that its official price is for now higher than 200 euros, although from time to time it drops to less than that figure in Amazon Spain.

AliExpress Plaza, for its part, also offers national shipping in 2-3 days and always has it below 200 euros, which is very good news.

Its performance is excellent, and in its review we have been able to assess it. In addition, it stands out for connectivity (with 5G and NFC) and for an excellent screen.

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There are really few drawbacks that can be put on it and that is why it is the Top 1 of this list.

realme 9i

realme 9i

As with the Xiaomi Redmi C, realme uses the lowercase letter i to brand its family of low cost mobiles. In your case, the most recent of all is the realme 9i, and yes, we have put it to the test.

For the price it has, it boasts, for example, a large 90 Hz Full HD + screen that we quite liked. The leap in quality in terms of design and finishes has also seemed positive to us.

However, if there is something that stands out above its main rivals, it is both in the charging speed and in the battery life, which without many problems exceeds two days of battery life with normal use.

If it is essential for you not to have to charge your phone every day, this is a good option, especially since it does not lack power to give Android a good fluidity on a day-to-day basis.

redmi 10

With a Helio G88 processor and a 90 Hz screen, this mobile bursts the market for cheap mobiles due to its low cost.

Although officially Redmi is already an independent brand, it is still part of Xiaomi and its identity, hence the pricing policy is quite aggressive and MIUI is maintained as a customization layer.

In this case, the Redmi 10 is one of the most recently launched mobiles and that shows in several things. For example, it is the first Redmi (not Redmi Note) with a Full HD+ screen and 4GB of RAM as standard, in addition to having a Mediatek Helio G88 processor that practically plunges it into mid-range performance.

Officially it costs 179 euros, which is not bad at all, as we could also verify when we put it to the test.

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Motorola Moto G30

Motorola is still very much alive in the mobile market, and has shown it by putting several phones on sale in recent months that have left us with a very good taste in our mouths. The Motorola Moto G30 is one of them, one that is also very affordable in terms of price.

Its price ranges around 200 euros, a little above on some occasions and a little below on others, and it is worth it.

The performance of its battery, the attractive design and the good finishes of the interface are proof that this brand has a lot to say even against its rivals, and it does so by betting on a clean Android layer, as they have always done.

TCL 20L+

TCL 20L+

TCL is a pretty big brand in a number of industries, especially TVs, audio, and even air conditioners, but it also sells mobile devices. Lately we have been able to test some of them, such as its TCL 20L+, an entry-level mobile that we highlight for several reasons.

What is most striking is its screen, but above all the quality of its cameras, something that is not much less common in devices under 200 euros.

It boasts good battery life and a great design, so it has the wood to be a good alternative to the domain of realme and Xiaomi.


POCO’s cheapest 5G smartphone with a 6.5-inch screen, 48 Mpx camera, up to 6 GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of storage.

Not much time has passed since we were able to test the POCO M3 Pro 5G until the POCO M4 Pro has arrived, so it can be said that the tweaks between the two are not huge.

The POCO M3 Pro 5G is still an excellent mobile on all levels, aesthetically attractive, with 5G and a powerful enough chip that it seems to cost 100 euros more.

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It should not be confused, yes, with its younger brother, the POCO M3 to dry. In this case, it moves much closer to 200 euros and its processor is completely different, and more powerful.

Motorola E40

In this case, despite the fact that, as we have seen, the Motorola E40 is a great low-cost mobile, it has a problem: there is quite a shortage of stock and it is difficult to find it.

It’s a shame because for many people it’s all they need: it barely cost 150 euros and it offers a perfect balance between performance, battery and extras like the camera, and at a very low price.

If you can find it, it is a good purchase, although due to specifications it may be somewhat far from the best located in this list.

Samsung Galaxy M12

This Samsung mobile has a fairly low price, although its features include, for example, a large 5,000 mAh battery with fast charging.

The Korean firm not only does not throw in the towel, but also reinforces its presence with a clear commitment: fewer mobiles in the catalog but more quality, and for now it is doing well.

Its main mobile in the entry range is the Samsung Galaxy M12, which with a large battery and a simple design, sweeps by having a price that goes off the board. It is not uncommon to see it well below 150 euros in stores like Amazon.

In our analysis of the Galaxy M12 we review its strengths and weaknesses, although in terms of value for money it is undoubtedly a very good device.

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