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8 surprising ways ordinary tea can heal you

8 surprising ways ordinary tea can heal you

The world of tea is fascinating and offers us exceptional variants to combat the most common health conditions in a natural way.

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It is not no exaggeration, for many years our grandmothers recommended a drink a tea to solve virtually any common ailment And it’s true a good cup of tea, it’s like having the doctor at home. Not for nothing is tea considered one of the healthier drinks of the planet, it is one of the best additions in the daily routine and it has been proven that your usual intake takes health to another level.

The truth is that it has numerous scientific references that endorse the medicinal properties of drinking tea. Regardless of the variant and in general terms, the tea shines for its high in antioxidants, which are associated with great qualities to fight the free radicals and the effects of oxidative stress that causes so many degenerative diseases. Most of the healing power of tea is related to its unmatched composition, which makes it a great ally to have greater control over our health and body weightl. In addition, tea is an ancient drink that calm the mind and spiritHippocrates said it well: Let the tea be your medicine. Discover the fascinating world of tea and learn about precise variants which will be the most extraordinary natural ally against various conditions.

The healing power of a cup of tea:

1. The best ally of a strong immune system

Tea is characterized by its high flavonoid content and vitamin H or biotin, which are the perfect combination for stimulate natural defenses body and create a barrier that fights cell damage. According to the conclusions of a Canadian study, the people who took 400 ml of ginseng tea a day they had a 25% less of colds than those who took a placebo. Ginseng helps kill invading viruses by increasing the body’s production of key immune cells.

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2. Improves mental performance

For those days when you feel like it’s hard for you finish the pending work and concentrate, a cup of tea may be the solution, all you have to do is select the correct tea variant. It has a research work Made in UK and published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, in which the power of a cup of mint tea for enhance concentration; the reason is simple and relates to your powerful aromatic oils that provide benefits for increase alertness and memory tasks.

3. Ideal to calm stress and anxiety

The nature is wise and more when it comes to varieties of teas, not for nothing is one of the most popular Natural medicine to calm stress and altered emotional states. In a special way, the benefits of passionflower, which stands out for its content in a flavone called chrysin, which is associated with wonderful anti-anxiety benefits. At the same time, there are references, as is the case of This studio published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmaceutical Therapy, in which the effects of passionflower with the Xanax (alprazolam) one of the pharmaceutical anxiolytics more prescribed. In such a way that if what you want is to calm down and relax in the face of stress states, passionflower will act as un mild sedative what calm nervousness and promotes tranquility.

4. Against swelling

exist various factors what can cause swelling, in most are associated with a poor diet or the consumption of fatty and spicy foods in excess. The truth is there is nothing more uncomfortable than feeling inflated like a balloon, the good news is that a cup of hot lemon tea It will be the perfect ally to break the swelling. What makes it so powerful? He D-limoneno, the main component of citrus peel oil commonly found in infusion, it is associated with exceptional diuretic effects since ancient times. In fact it has a recent study, published in the Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan confirmed that the D-limoneno can combat fluid retention and promotes the elimination of toxins, fats, salts and wastes housed in the body.

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5. Relieves cold symptoms

It is well known that a nice cup of tea is a basic natural medicine to treat common cold symptoms. Specifically, there are A study scientific very relevant that has shown that rooibos, a red tea from South Africa, provides great benefits for lift the immune system and prevent diseases caused by Virus and bacteria, even in a similar way to green tea. At the same time, due to its rich flavor, rooibos tea is related to benefits for enliven the senses, such as smell and taste that tend to deteriorate as a result of fluid increase as stuffy nose. As additional data to keep the symptoms under control and decrease them, the scientists of Penn State they have discovered that Honey is a powerful cough suppressant. The group of scientists carried out A study which had the participation of 105 sick children whom their parents distributed honey or dextromethorphan (the active ingredient in over-the-counter cough medicine). The result was surprising, since Honey it was better for decrease the frequency and severity of coughsSo next time you have a cold drink a lot lemon tea with honey You won’t even remember the medicines!

6. Calms digestion

The tea is the best natural medicine to calm possible stomach aches e indigestiones, being chamomile the most infallible recommendation. Additionally according to A study published in the magazine Biological Chemistry, the benefits of green tea were proven in a special way to promote a good digestive process and protect the liver from oxidative stress caused by the alcohol and also by the excessive accumulation of toxins. In such a way that its consumption is a great natural alternative for cleanse the digestive system, especially the liver.

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7. Benefits the quality of sleep

Another variety of tea that works as a magnificent natural relaxant is valerian, which for many years has been considered an ancient remedy for treat insomnia and nervousness. It is valued for its mild sedative effect what relaxes the nervous system and promotes a better rest, it has A study made to a group of women who consumed during several days in a row valerian as a treatment for various sleep disorders. The result: 30% of women who received valerian reported a improvement in the quality of your sleep.

8. Great for calming cravings

In general, tea is one of the slimming drinkss most recommended in any healthy diet focused on losing weight. In particular the mint tea is extraordinary for fight cravings and anxiety about eatingr, while certain aromas can trigger hunger, others can suppress appetite. A study published in the revista Appetite found that those who smelled peppermint consumed 2,800 fewer calories per week. Which is a quite interesting figure, imagine at that rate you would drop the staggering number of 41½ pounds in a year For the simple fact of drinking delicious peppermint tea!

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