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8 Things That Make You Age Faster, According To Science

This is all you need to avoid if you want to age slower and last for many years.

Aging is inevitable, but it is clear that not everyone ages at the same speed or in the same way, and that is why surrounding ourselves with good social welfare, an excellent diet and not having harmful vices for our health, are factors that help us not only to look younger, but also to last many more years.

And it is that the daily habits we have and the decisions we make in our lives build and determine our health, and there are elements that we have to take into account such as alcohol, the sun, poor diet, stress or even the hours we sleep to alleviate aging.

On one hand we have the alcoholgiven that drinking alcohol is not good for health, and a study by the University of Oxford, via TheSun, has indicated that alcohol damages DNA, especially the telomeres that cap the ends of chromosomes. Telomeres protect chromosomes from fraying and thus affect the way our cells age.

Oxford scientists have discovered that drinking more than 10 beers or wines per week ages DNA by up to two years compared to another person who practically does not drink.

Another important factor in aging is the sun, and is that sunbathing on the beach is not good for our health. However, the sun causes the most obvious and visible aging of our skin. When sunbathing we have a premature aging of our skin with a greater number of wrinkles, pigmentation and sagging.

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It’s not a good thing either spend too much time sitting, something that not only leads to overweight and obesity, but can also cause cancers and premature deaths. Of course, you can compensate for spending too much time sitting simply by doing half an hour of exercise a day.

It’s not a good thing either to smokeand is that tobacco smoke contains thousands of toxic substances that can damage our skin cells, especially those around our mouth and eyes.

They also contribute to deadly conditions like heart attacks or strokes. They comment that After age 40, each year of smoking reduces life expectancy by three months..

Anti-inflammatory diet: the fashionable diet that has the approval of the OCU

Anti-inflammatory diet: the fashionable diet that has the approval of the OCU

To take into account the bad nutrition, and it is very important to have a healthy diet to avoid high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. And for example, a nutritious and balanced diet is one of the tools we have to combat Alzheimer’s.

Must avoid ultra-processed foods They contain a lot of sugar, fat and salt, and on top of that they are low in protein and fiber. So avoid cookies, soft drinks and chips, among others.

Also stress contributes to aging and premature deaths, and is that a study published in Translational Psychiatry found that chronic stress can contribute to aging faster. Those study participants who had a lot of stress showed signs of accelerated genetic aging and increased biological markers.

On the other hand, it is important that we have the adequate vitamins and we are not deficient in themand for example low levels of vitamin D are associated with shorter telomeres.

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And finally the Lack of sleep, and it is that it is convenient that we sleep at least seven or eight hours a day, but that we do not spend those hours either, since sleeping a lot can contribute, for example, to being overweight. And sleeping less than six hours a day is linked to high-risk conditions like high blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

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