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8 ways you can spend your cryptocurrencies

Everyone has in mind how cryptocurrencies are used, believing that the only way they can be spent are investments, but the truth is that this is not the case.

We are going to have more functions in which to be able to use those cryptocurrencies that we have, since there are more possibilities than just investing, even if there are people who do not know what they are.

In recent years, both Bitcoin and Ethereum have been improving everything that has to do with both speed and the functionality of the types of transactions what can be done with them.

This whole world of virtual currencies is going to have to continue to evolve to be included in other areas, some of which are already available and many of us are still unaware of them.

Let’s see where we can currently use our Bitcoins and Ethereum, other than purely investing.

Stores without converting to cash

Although there are places in the network where we can pay with a digital currencythese are usually from retailers and in their eagerness to expand customers they have this interesting capacity.

But the truth is that from the moment PayPal accepts cryptocurrencies As a form of payment, this has opened up a huge number of global stores, since we will have the ability to use this payment system in the same way that we do, for example, with our credit card.

Then we also have certain cases such as those of physical stores such as Starbucks, GameStop either Whole Foodswhere payment with cryptocurrencies is accepted, although not in all those that are open around the world, but for now there are only a few selected ones.

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In addition, recently the two largest fast food restaurants in the world, McDonald’s and Burger Kinghave assured that they are considering incorporating crypto payments in their establishments.

In this sense, there is an application called CoinMap, which shows us on an interactive map those stores, premises or ATMs that accept cryptocurrencies.

Convert to currency at an ATM

As we have mentioned above, there are still few physical stores that accept payment with cryptocurrencies, but this can be solved, since there are currently more than 38,000 ATMs that can transform cryptocurrency in the currency of the country.

It may be that, in the future, if transaction fees are reduced, we can automatically convert our cryptocurrencies into physical money at any ATM.

As in the previous point, we can also use CoinMap to search for ATMs that are compatible with the cryptocurrencies in the area where we live, although we can also use Coin ATM Radar, an application that includes a live counter that shows us the range of crypto services available currently close to where we are.

Payment to freelancers

Cryptocurrencies can also be used to pay independent workers for certain services provided to us without currency or border restrictions.

The truth is that there are already companies and individuals that pay certain businesses for a certain job in virtual currency, something that is becoming more and more normal.

In addition, there are currently platforms such as Gitcoin, LaborX Y Ethlance that offer sections for the autonomous payment through crypto.


The virtual currency payment can also be converted into a charitable donationpaying some kind of micro donation to a company that is developing a product, for an article through a WordPress plugin or directly paying a non-governmental organization that is dedicated to charity, to give you some examples.

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There are numerous associations dedicated to helping others that already accept payments of this type. Moreover, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, the Government of this country began to accept donations for digital currency.

Personal projects

We can even spend our cryptocurrencies in some type of personal project, such as the creation of a web page, since domain name registrars with web hosting how Namecheap already accept payment with this type of currency.

It could be a good way to invest those Bitcoins that we have been earning, to create a web of what we estimate, investing in ourselves.

Sports events

We also have the possibility to buy tickets to sporting eventsbecause there are sports teams that already allow you to purchase a seat in their stadium in this way.

We have several examples at an international level, such as, in the world of football, the Tigres de México or RCD Espanyol de Barcelonaas well as the San Jose Sharks of the NHL or the NBA team, owned by Marek Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks.

gift cards

We can even do gifts to friends or family by sending them a gift card from Amazon, PlayStation, Steam or similarusing web pages that accept cryptocurrencies to get hold of this type of product.

One of the best known is Bitrefill, although CoinGate or CryptoRefills can also help us.

For vacations

Another of the industries that is rapidly beginning to accept the virtual currency are those that have to do with the holiday services.

There are already several web pages of those that find you cheap flights, hotels at the best price or complete packages for your vacations, which will have the possibility of accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for reservations and their services.

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Even there have been rumors that soon some airline will begin to allow flights booked with them to be paid for with this type of currency.

As a curious fact, we can also tell you that Virgin Galaticthe world’s first commercial space travel company accepts bitcoin as a form of payment to get off earth.

Surely you did not know more than one of the ways that there are currently to pay with cryptocurrencies and you thought that this entire crypto world was much more limited in terms of the type of operations that could be carried out.

It is also true that little by little the number of possibilities is growing and for many, in not too many years, it will be fully equipped for the rest of the generalized forms of payment such as debit and credit cards.

But we will only be able to know this affirmation in a while, since there are currently possibilities, but there is still a lot of development to be done in everything that has to do with cryptocurrencies.

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