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8 years in prison for blinding the nurse who told him to wear the mask

The nurse after receiving the aggression. / CR

The Prosecutor’s Office will request this conviction for a crime of injury to the man who attacked the toilet in the Madrid metro car

Alfonso Torres

The man who a year ago left a nurse in the Madrid metro blind after the toilet repeatedly recriminated him that he had the obligation to put on a mask while he was in the car to cut the chain of coronavirus infections will face in short to a sentence of eight years and six months in prison

This will be the penalty requested for JCLC by the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office, which will defend during the trial that will be held soon at the Provincial Court that the defendant, who has been in preventive detention since the moment of his arrest, committed a crime of injury. Similarly, the representative of the Public Ministry will request that the victim receive compensation, by way of civil liability, of 80,383 euros, to compensate for the loss of vision in his right eye.

He hit him in the right eye with the edge of his mobile phone while yelling at him “asshole, I hope you die!”

The indictment considers that there is sufficient evidence to show that on July 13, 2021, around 10:30 p.m., JCLC was traveling inside a subway car on line 1, in which it made the journey between the Cuatro Caminos and Alto del Arenal stations. At one point, another passenger, a nurse by profession, GMC, asked him on several occasions to put on his mask “correctly” since he was wearing it at chin level without covering his nose or mouth.

Other passengers joined the protest, despite which the defendant “repeatedly” refused to put on the mask instead. It was the nurse himself who did it, so an argument began between the two in which they kicked and punched each other until they were separated by other users without harmful consequences for any of them.

illegal stay

The prosecutor will defend before the magistrates that, seconds later, when the car stopped at the Alto del Arenal metro stop, and before leaving the train, the defendant, “with the intention of undermining the physical integrity” of GMC, gave the nurse a punch in the eye with the edge of the mobile phone in his hand while yelling at him “asshole, I hope you die!” and he fled the place. As a result of the attack, the victim lost the sight of his right eye, some ocular sequelae that suppose “non-pecuniary damage due to loss of quality of life to a slight degree.”

The defendant was arrested a week after the attack, on July 19, 2021, and entered provisional prison by order of the judge two days later, on July 21, once he took a statement. The prosecutor will emphasize in court during the trial that JCLC is an undocumented immigrant, since in these months “he has not provided any documentation that allows him to remain in Spain” and that, despite the inquiries made by the prosecution, there is also no evidence of “the existence of any reason that justifies their stay in Spain.

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