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842,000 euros to improve the water supply in El Raposo

Supply network from Puebla de Sancho Pérez to El Raposo. / TODAY

The Diputación de Badajoz and the municipalities of Usagre and Puebla de Sancho Pérez collaborate in the financing

The Badajoz Provincial Council has put out to tender the works to improve the supply of the El Raposo population center. The works will be carried out with the joint financing of the three administrations involved. The economic contributions would be 282,466.07 euros by the City Council of Usagre and 282,437.82 euros by the municipality of Puebla de Sancho Pérez, while the Diputación de Badajoz allocates 282,494.31 euros.

To improve supply, alliances have therefore been created between the three institutions with the common objective of favoring the development of this area close to the A-66, in addition to supporting the development of sustainable cities and communities as set out in the objectives of sustainable development, indicates the Diputación in a press release.

“The creation and maintenance of infrastructure is a challenge when we talk about the rural environment due to the territorial imbalance that causes the abandonment of municipalities and small towns,” they indicate from the Development Area of ​​the provincial body.

In this specific case, the aim is to create a supply network in the El Raposo area with the aim of improving the existing one, since currently the general network does not cover the needs of the entire population that lives there. Some of the homes located in El Raposo are supplied by their own surveys. The problem with private wells is that the level of the aquifers is greatly reduced in summer, sometimes causing shortages. In addition, the sustainable use of groundwater is important when it comes to curbing climate change due to its integration into the natural environment. With these works, the aim is to create an infrastructure that can accommodate greater demand, due to its proximity to Zafra and the La Plata highway as a strategic axis of development.

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6,445 meter pipeline

The works to be carried out will consist of the installation of a 150 mm diameter cast iron pipe, 6,445 meters long, which will allow the interconnection of the Puebla de Sancho Pérez deposit with the El Raposo deposit, together with the construction of a pumping station in Puebla de Sancho Pérez. This station will contain a pumping group made up of two electric pumps with a remote control unit for managing the whole.

With this action, the supply of drinking water to the entire existing population center is guaranteed, including growth forecasts in times of maximum demand, in addition to improving and guaranteeing the potability and quality of the water at all times. In addition, this new supply will increase the guarantee of supply in the event of a breakdown.

Presentation of offers

The development of the hydraulic works has an estimated value of 841,739, 44 euros, VAT included, and an execution period of 4 months.

The presentation of offers began on March 18 and ends on April 21, 2022.


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