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9 days of battery and 60 sports: this low-cost smartwatch is a great Amazon bargain

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Amazfit already sells many watches in Spain, although the Amazfit Bip, the cheapest models in the repertoire, continue to be a reference in its catalog.

If you want to buy a smart watch but not leave too much money, options are not lacking, beyond the smart bracelets that once dominated the entry range. There are more and more watches as such that move at prices below 50 euros.

One of them is the Amazfit Bip U Pro that concerns us today, and that is that Amazon has lowered its price to leave it temporarily at only 49.99 euros, a real bargain, especially since its official price is almost 70 euros.

It is the evolution of the Amazfit Bip S, now with integrated GPS and some extra features that make it have very little to envy other models that cost more than twice as much.

This is the new update of the Amazfit Bip U. Enjoy all the information you need while doing any type of exercise thanks to its 60 different sports modes. Take a better look at all the data from your medical follow-ups and measure the quality of your sleep and stress, taking advantage of its larger screen.

For example, its excellent battery stands out, which without many problems can exceed a week and even reach nine days depending on the brand, a figure that stands out in the sector, especially when compared to what other models of a similar price offer.

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Beyond that, it includes an SpO2 sensor, oxygen in the blood, very useful data to know the state of your lungs.

However, the Amazfit Bip U Pro is also a sports watch, since not only does it have GPS to accurately measure activities such as running or cycling, but it measures up to 60 activities different, such as swimming, fitness, elliptical, rowing and much more.

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These wickers make their value for money really good, since it is very difficult to find a model with similar features at a price that is close.

Perhaps the most direct rival is the Huawei Watch Fit New, which even has a similar design, although in its case the offer price is 59 euros, which is not bad either, especially coming from a brand with experience in this of the watches like Huawei.

As you surely know, the Amazfit Bip U Pro has free shipping from Amazon whether or not you have an Amazon Prime account, something common to all products and purchases that exceed 29 euros.

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