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9 herbs for your meals that will help you lower blood pressure

Diet significantly affects our state of health, as outlined in Healthline. It is a common complement to medical treatments that receive different diseases or conditions, and one of them is the high blood pressure.

Include herbs in our feeding daily could be very beneficial in reducing high blood pressure, but not just any herb will do. Here we show you which of them can help us with this medical condition.

1. Basil

Sweet basil is very rich in eugenol, and researchers have attributed many benefits to this antioxidant, including Decreased blood pressure.

According to studies, the effects of eugenol are based on its serving as natural calcium channel blocker, which would have some relationship with the increase in blood pressure.

These blockers prevent the natural movement of this mineral towards the heart and arteries, allowing the blood vessels to relax.

2. Parsley

Parsley is a great ally for you if you want to control your blood pressure. Source: Shutterstock

In parsley we find vitamin C and dietary carotenoids that would be capable of lower blood pressure. These particular carotenoids could not only lower blood pressure, but also the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

3. Celery seeds

In celery seeds we find multiple nutrients such as iron, magnesium, calcium and fiber. As in basil, in these seeds there would be components that can block the calcium channel and promote relaxation of blood vessels.

4. Bacopa

In animal studies, bacopa has been shown to lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure by stimulating release of nitric oxide from blood vessels.

5. Thyme

One of the fundamental components of thyme is rosmarinic acid, which has been attributed the ability to reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels, as well as increase blood flow while lowering blood pressure.

6. Cardamom

Cardamom is a spice that contains many antioxidants capable of reducing the pressure of the arteries.

According to a study conducted over 12 weeks in adults recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, it was found that consuming 3 grams of cardamom daily significantly lowered blood pressure.

7. Ginger

Ginger has been used for centuries to combat problems with circulation, cholesterol, and also blood pressure. Ginger also acts as a natural calcium channel blocker.

8. Cinnamon

If you want to control your blood pressure, you can gradually add cinnamon to your diet. Source: Shutterstock

Cinnamon is an aromatic spice that helps lower blood pressure, although scientists don’t really know how.

It has been proposed that cinnamon may be involved in the dilation and relaxation of blood vessels. This is based on animal studies.

9. Ajo

Garlic contains sulfuric components that collectively help lower blood pressure. One of these components is allicin, which increases blood flow while relaxing blood vessels.

You could pay a doctor’s visit before adding these herbs to your foods to ensure that your health is not at risk from consuming them. This cautious approach can save you trouble in the short to medium term.

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