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9 items to avoid putting on the face

The search for perfect skin can lead us to place on our face elements that are not favorable, or that are even dangerous and harmful to the skin, as indicated Webconsultas. These are elements that we have to keep away from our face.

Lemon, hair dye, hot water, toothpaste, and even urine are some of the things that people have used on their faces with the idea that it would help them, but that in the end are not recommended for this situation.

1. Toothpaste

Some people put toothpaste on their faces with the idea of ​​removing pimples and whitening facial blemishes, but the truth is that toothpaste does not have this ability.

What toothpaste does do on the face is irritate it, increase its dryness or lead to relatively severe burns.

2. Hair spray

There are women who use hairspray to add the finishing touch to their makeup. However, lacquer has components that dry out the skin of the face or that can promote an allergic reaction.

It is preferable to go for real makeup fixers over hairspray, even if these are more expensive.

3. Hot water

Washing your face with hot water can destroy the layer of moisture that the skin has to protect itself. This will cause the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum to compensate, which is especially harmful for the people prone to acne.

4. Hair dye

Many people use hair dye on their eyebrows and this is not recommended, because this is a very aggressive product for the skin of the face due to its high levels of peroxide, which can burning the epidermis or injuring the eyes.

5. Lemon

Lemonade and mint
You should not put lemon on your face as it can alter the pH of your skin. Source: Pexels

This citrus fruit has very high acid levels, which will alter the natural pH of the skin. This fruit is usually used on pimples that appear on the face, especially during puberty.

6. Glue

The glue does not remove blackheads from the face with the required effectiveness, and this method can also irritate the skin, remove the top layer of skin or cause a break in the blood vessels.

7. Bicarbonate

Bicarbonate has been attributed a use as facial scrub, but it is not recommended to use it on the face because, like lemon, it alters the natural PH of that area. While the PH of bicarbonate is 9, that of the face ranges between 4.5 and 5.

The alkalinity of bicarbonate can alter the natural barrier of the skin, necessary so that it can protect itself from harmful microorganisms.

8. Body cream

It is not advisable to apply the body cream on the face because it can contain intense perfumes that irritate it, as well as very greasy ingredients for the sector that can lead to the formation of blackheads due to clogging of the pores.

9. Urine

Those who apply urine to their face justify this practice because of the water and urea content that the liquid would have. Urea is an ingredient widely used in creams because it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

However, the level of urea in the urine is very low and insufficient to generate the expected benefits.

Seek professional help for what you want to do with your face so as not to expose yourself to risks or side effects from these elements. It is the most prudent way to act and that will avoid unnecessary and stressful troubles.

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