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9 tips to improve your digestive system and bowel movements

Evacuate is one of the basic functions of our body. It allows the body to rid itself of waste, preventing it from accumulating and wreaking havoc. Therefore, promoting good digestive and intestinal health is crucial.

We can directly and indirectly influence the frequency of our bowel movements, mainly through our diet, either with what we eat or what we stop eating. However, it is not the only variable at stake.

1. Drink hot water

Drinking hot water as soon as you wake up is a quick and easy way to stimulate the digestive system and refine your bowel movements. Cold water also works, but to a lesser extent.

Hot water is likely to help as it warms the intestines, encouraging more dynamism in the intestines.

2. Consume fresh ginger

Since ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory, it has the ability to induce contractions in your stomach. These contradictions will help the digestive system to move and lead to bowel movements.

3. Eat early

The body is lethargic at night, which results in a slower digestion of food and, consequently, a delay in your bowel movements, which can be a real nuisance if you have already achieved a certain habit.

4. Eat high fiber foods

high fiber vegetables
Foods high in fiber will allow us to accelerate intestinal transit, promoting our digestive health. Photo Shutterstock

Foods with a high fiber content increase the volume and smoothness of our bowel movements, in this way constipation is avoided and colon cancer is prevented. In case you have a low fiber diet, it is recommended that you increase the proportion gradually to avoid constipation.

Increase the volume and smoothness of our bowel movements. In this way, constipation is avoided and Prevents colon cancer.

5. Drink fluids

Drinking fluids will help you have a better digestive system overall. The thick shakes made with herbs have a lot of fiber, which is a plus for the rhythm of your bowel movements.

6. Drink apple cider vinegar

A fairly simple and useful trick to give our digestive system a helping hand is to drink some apple cider vinegar. Although there are not many studies on it, it is believed that this substance can elevate stomach acids and pepsin, an enzyme that breaks down proteins and can also kill harmful bacteria.

7. Take magnesium supplements

Magnesium relaxes the intestines and brings water to them, which softens bowel movements and makes them easier to pass. It can also be used to improve sleep quality.

8. Drink coffee

The caffeine contained in coffee is a powerful stimulant for bowel movement. If this process is slow, having 1 or 2 cups of coffee may be the key to reactivate it and take you directly to the bathroom.

9. Eat Plantago Ovata shells

These husks come from the seeds of the plant Plantago Ovata. These seeds have a prebiotic capacity It encourages a bowel movement by extracting the extra amount of water and pushing food and waste in the right direction.

With these tips you could guarantee a greater regularity of your bowel movements, which for some people is very important to the extent that it generates confidence regarding that specific point of their health.

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