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90 years of the Rotary Club Alicante

In the year in which we commemorate our 90th anniversary, the Rotary Club Alicante has decided to undertake a series of far-reaching actions that will allow us to recover and illustrate the trajectory of the Rotary movement, with an authentic international vocation and its true impact on the world. immediate environment.

In 1930, the city of Alicante, with the help of Rotary International, builds a cooperative bridge towards the global society that prevailed at that time and towards the international movements that crystallized between the two world wars.

We want to make visible the course of events since the pioneer flag was placed in Alicante in 1930 until today, when we can proudly say that our territory has the highest density of Clubs (Rotarians) in the entire Iberian Peninsula.

On June 23, 1930, Rotary International was asked to establish the new Rotary Club of Alicante, which will be made up of 19 founding members, all of them people of recognized professional prestige in different sectors of economic activity, as required by the constitutive norms of the thriving international organization. .

In the letter of request, signed by the founding president of the Club, Luis Sánchez Guerra, civil engineer and future founder of the company Dragados y Construcciones (1941) and certified by the secretary of the Club, Mr. Román Bono Marín, future mayor of Alicante (1942) indicates that the Rotary Club of Alicante, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and Regulations of Rotary International, will be based on the following pillars:

  • i. Companionship as a means of achieving true and lasting friendships.

  • ii. Take advantage of Club meetings to develop and improve business people so that they can better serve the community in which they live.

  • iii. The requirement to respect and promote high principles of morality in business.

  • iv. The obligation to serve effectively and without duplicating another service, in your community, state or province and country.

  • v. Serve humanity.

The process of constitution of the club is prolonged until it becomes effective on November 22, 1930, with the celebration of the act of delivery of the charter.

I have wanted to highlight here the noble pillars of Rotarism because, despite the years that have passed, despite the social, economic and technological evolution or the tragic warfare that has occurred since then or, in the particular case of Spain, the interruption of Club activity until the restoration of the constitutional regime in 1978, little or nothing has changed since then in the values ​​that Rotarians share and that therefore remain the best definition of Rotarianism.

The history of Rotary and the Rotarians in Alicante and their involvement in the social and economic issues of our city are practically unexplored grounds. On the occasion of the celebration of this 90th anniversary of the constitution of the Rotary Club Alicante, this reality has prompted us to start a unique project that aims to recover and disseminate the memory of the Rotary movement in Alicante and its interaction and influence on the life of the city, at the same time that it will serve to strengthen the Alicante Rotary identity and promote the structuring of Rotarians with their history and with the essence of the movement.

From a functional point of view, the project involves the creation of a digital documentary archive, accessible through the internet and fed with documents from various sources, including:

  1. The archives of the club itself and the geographic district to which it belongs;

  2. Personal documentation of partners from various eras;

  3. Newspaper archives of the written press;

  4. Public historical archives, such as the Municipal Archive of Alicante or the Archive of the Civil War of Salamanca;

  5. Books and other publications.

The project will be participatory, allowing any user of the archive to share opinions or research results online, as well as publish their own research documents in it.

The project will be open to the entire national and international Rotary community, encouraging clubs near and far to join in the experience and create a large documentary base that will allow the contribution of the global Rotary movement to the local communities of each club, at a time that will indirectly transfer the leadership role of the Rotary Club Alicante as promoter of the project.

Finally, the project will be disseminated in the academic environment, sharing our history and activities with the research community, which will thus be able to find new lines of research, we want to believe that they are unique and interesting.

When the project becomes a reality, in a short time, headlines such as “We have nothing to do with Freemasonry”, appeared on September 26, 1981 in the newspaper INFORMATION on the occasion of the news of the re-founding of the Club, the result of ignorance on the part of the society of the principles of the organization (logical, of course, in this case given the date in which the facts are located), will surely lack all sense.

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