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94% of CIOs recognize that their companies will experience security threats

Logicalis Global CIO Survey, a study that analyzes the role of the CIO in organizations, has left several relevant findings, which give an overview of new concerns in the corporate context, such as cybersecurity.

Logicalis has published the eighth edition of the Logicalis Global CIO Survey, an investigation that had the participation of 1,000 Information Technology (IT) managers. Its main objective was to analyze the main aspects surrounding the role of the CIO (Chief Information Officer), as a key player in the structure of an organization.

The study, in addition to highlighting the evolution of the CIO role in the current context, showed important results on topics such as security, innovation and digital transformation, detailing some of the challenges that companies will encounter in the coming months.

Initially, cybersecurity was one of the topics that showed the most variables, showing that in this field there are various obstacles to overcome. The study reveals that 94% of those consulted recognize that they will face some serious threat in the next 12 months and mentioned that data breaches (47%), malware and ransomware (39%) are the main risks for their companies. .

Despite the above, only 40% have implemented a business continuity plan that allows them to continue operating if they suffer an attack. This reflects that organizations must work harder to guarantee, to a greater extent, security mechanisms that protect the development of business actions.

“If this aspect is improved, the business model will be protected and the development of the initiatives will be executed more efficiently, taking as a starting point the role of the CIO, who, through technology, will correctly manage the resources that available”, explained Camilo Suárez, Logicalis Technology Manager.

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On the other hand, the Logicalis Global CIO Survey evidenced the growing interest of Chief Information Officers in focusing on the customer experience; in fact, 73% of those surveyed recognized its importance. In addition, this is a trend that will intensify in the future, since four out of five IT managers consider that they will reinforce their customer experience strategy in the next five years.

Therefore, strengthening this idea, the research suggests that the business operation can be promoted thanks to the use of data. However, this aspect, which promotes a culture of innovation, is not reaching its full potential; This is how 79% of those surveyed perceive it, who think that their organization is not going at the necessary pace and is lagging behind its competition.

Finally, the report emphasizes that an organization, supported by its CIO, can achieve better performance if it takes into account essential points such as cybersecurity, innovation, digital transformation, the use of data and the creation of a solid strategy in which reference to customer experience.

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