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95% of UMH graduates find employment at the end of their studies

The Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche, through the Occupational Observatory, carries out each academic year a multitude of training and orientation actions for employment and entrepreneurship of students and graduates. Among the objectives of this star job search service of the UMH highlights the annual performance of studies of labor insertion of the graduates of the University, one year after being graduated.

Knowing the main characteristics of the job that the student body accesses, knowing if they currently work or the degree of satisfaction that graduates have with the studies they have completed are some of the questions that are collected in these reports that the Occupational Observatory of the UMH.

According to the data from the latest study, 94.77% of UMH graduates who finished their studies in the 2018/2019 academic year have found a job. Another aspect when evaluating the job quality of university students is the professional category to which they enter. In general terms, 73.44% of the graduates of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche occupies positions of responsibility in your company.

From the analysis of the employment relationship with studies, we obtain conclusions very positive, since 66.20% of the graduates require in their employment a university graduate degree or a university degree, higher engineering or equivalent. These figures are followed, with 15.53%, by graduates who needed a university postgraduate degree (specialization or master). In addition, 33.19% of the graduates start with a permanent contract, so a third have a certain job stability.

From this report, it is also extracted that 54.45% of UMH students work before finishing their studies, so that 80.48% of graduates find a job in three months or less.

Also, amongs 26 degrees and two double degrees offered by the UMH, 35.27% of the graduates of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche develops his work activity in the health, pharmaceutical, psychological and podiatric sector. Another aspect to highlight in this report is in which area the graduates work once they find a job and, in this sense, the report concludes that 66.15% of the graduates do so in the province of Alicante and Murcia; 23.59% in the rest of Spain and 4.27% abroad.

From the analysis of the employment relationship with the studies, very positive conclusions are obtained.

In parallel, the Occupational Observatory offers its students the possibility of carrying out professional practices while they are studying. With more than 13,000 collaboration agreements with companies and entities, the UMH student body has the opportunity to develop skills related to your degree and gain experience in a work environment. Likewise, the UMH trains, informs and guides students in order to increase their level of employability.

The Mentoring Program, the EmpleoWeekend, the EmprendeWeekend or the employment days dedicated to each of the 26 degrees, two double degrees and master What the UMH offers are some of the initiatives that the University offers to the university community and to anyone interested in improve your resume, your cover letter, to face a job interview or to prepare a self-application.

Since its inception, the UMH has organized employment conferences, dedicated to the different degrees and masters that it offers. These sessions are organized with the aim of facilitating students’ contact with the professional world and that both students and graduates know the professional reality of his studies such as, for example, which are the profiles most in demand by companies, the most valued skills and abilities or the different selection processes. Usually, members of the UMH Alumni community They participate in these conferences and convey to the attendees the realities that graduates face once they finish their studies or give them advice on how to “know how to sell themselves.”

Entrepreneurship support

In parallel, the UMH organizes a multitude of courses, workshops and conferences related to job search and entrepreneurship. These activities help the university community and the general public to improve their CV and cover letter, to face a job interview or to prepare a self-application.

The Mentoring Program with its professional and entrepreneurial modality, the Employment Weekend, in this edition financed by Labora, and the Undertake Weekend are some of the initiatives of the University. These actions are aimed at students, graduates and entrepreneurs with concerns to know, first-hand, what companies demand of their professionals, as well as wanting to increase the confidence in the bid selection processes, both internships and work, and with initiative to undertake and develop new business ideas.

In addition, the Occupational Observatory promotes different activities throughout the year at the four UMH campuses that help University students to improve their curriculum vitae, review their cover letter and prepare a job interview. They learn all this in the Employability Workshop 2.0.

On the other hand, in the Call Workshop, students improve their skills to contact companies, while UMH students who attend the Taller from LinkedIn They learn to make the most of their professional profile on this social network.

In this course and as a novelty, two new courses have been taught: a Workshop on Soft Skills for Employability, an action included in the European Ulisse Project (Understanding, Learning and Improving Soft Skills for Employability), and a Innovation Workshop, which belongs to one of the actions within the framework of the project “Activities to promote the culture of innovation in university students”, financed by the Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society. All activities can be done in 100% online format or since March 2020, through the Google Meet platform, having the same attendance results as in previous years.

These are some of the proposals included in the wide range of actions that the UMH makes available to its students and graduates in order to facilitate their insertion into the world of work.

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