Thursday, December 9

A 20-year-old girl dies and a 33-year-old man is seriously injured in two hit-and-run attacks this morning




A 20-year-old girl dead and a 33-year-old man admitted seriously is the black balance registered this morning in the streets of the capital. Both people have been hit by vehicles that have fled, in the districts of Moncloa-Aravaca and Chamberí, respectively. The most serious event occurred at number 23 of Paseo de Juan XXIII, when a tourist hit a woman minutes before 2 in the morning.

The first to help the young woman was a doorman from a nearby farm, who has started the relevant resuscitation practices Through the indications reported from the Madrid Emergency Center. Upon arrival, the Samur-Civil Protection toilets continued with the maneuvers for 30 minutes, without finally being able to do more for his life.

The woman had multiple injuries and had entered cardiorespiratory arrest. A psychologist from the displaced emergency team has attended a relative of the victim who was at the scene. The Traffic Police Unit of the Municipal Police, in charge of the report, is now trying to identify the escaped driver. For this reason, the researchers are asking for citizen collaboration to locate the escaped passenger car, a black Citroën C 2 type, with the fractured window and considerable damage to its front, including the broken left headlight and the ripped grill.

The second run over took place at the confluence of the streets of Magallanes and Cercedilla, after a car ran over a man who had previously fallen off his scooter. After being assisted by the Samur, he was taken to the Clinical Hospital suffering from severe facial trauma. As in the case of Moncloa, the Municipal Corps works to find the whereabouts of the fled driver.

Second fatal hit this week

The fatal outrage this morning is the second that has been recorded so far this week in the Madrid region. On Tuesday morning, a driver ran over to a 68-year-old man on the M-203 and did not stop the march. The next morning, around 10.40 am, the regional emergency center received notice of the discovery of a bruised body at kilometer 19 of the aforementioned road, within the municipality of Torres de la Alameda.

The Summa-112 health workers verified that the man had been dead for hours. Shortly after, the Civil Guard identified the driver of the vehicle, who stated that he did inform the authorities of having run over an animal, which finally turned out to be a person. The agents went to the scene at dawn but found nothing due to poor visibility or inaccurate indications of the area.

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