Monday, November 30

A 47-year-old man arrested in Elche for distributing “speed” in the province

The Police intervene different substances in the home of the detainee

The Police intervene different substances in the home of the detainee

The National Police in Elche has arrested aun 47-year-old man for selling drugs in different towns of the province, such as Torrevieja, Santa Pola, Los Montesinos, Callosa del Segura, Redován or Alicante, among others. The defendant was traveling with his own vehicle and, mainly, would have been dedicating himself to the distribution of amphetamine sulfate, known colloquially as “Speed”, in quantities that vary between 3 and 4 kilograms monthly, according to the General Directorate of the Police.

The agents began the investigation several months ago, when an anonymous citizen, using the communication channels set up by the National Police, informed them that a person would be engaged in the distribution of narcotic substances, more specifically “Speed”, by different towns in the province of Alicante.

The form of distribution would be contacting customers before acquiring the same route, mainly by telephone and making a quick cast. Subsequently, the substance was redistributed by these small-scale buyers.

The Narcotics Group of the Elche Police Station established several discreet surveillance devices for weeks on the investigated person and on several properties, one of them in the town of Elche and the other in Torrevieja.

In a short time, the agents confirmed the information received and corroborated that the man was acting as a courier, going to homes and even to public establishments or stores in various towns such as Torrevieja, Santa Pola, Los Montesinos, Callosa del Segura, Redován and Alicante among others. , to distribute the drug to their clients, making the exchange on some occasions in the middle of the street.

During the surveillance, the police officers were able to verify that the investigated, after the exchanges, left the place at high speed, but not before taking different security measures in order to avoid and detect the police presence.

Once the agents had all the necessary information, they deployed a special device in which the suspect was located and detained as the alleged perpetrator of a drug trafficking crime for allegedly engaging in the sale and distribution of various types of drugs, and carried out several home searches.

These records were intervened 1,200 ecstasy pills with a gross weight of 550 grams, more of 400 grams of amphetamine sulfate substance (SPEED), 2 hallucinogenic mushrooms, 5 grams Ketamine, 5 precision scales, 16 grams of marijuana buds, and other cutting substances, 2.130 euros in cash, in addition to the vehicle used to carry out the crime.

The arrested person was placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court in functions of Guardia de Elche.

The National Police emphasizes that the type of substance intervened can be considered as a drug classified as hard, in the case of synthetic drugs with high manipulation and toxicity that cause serious disorders to the Central Nervous System.

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