Monday, January 25

A 600,000-euro park divides the government and opposition of Basauri

In a year marked by the pandemic and collection drop, the Basauri City Council will carry out few investments. The most spectacular will be the future Parque de la Arena in Bizkotxalde, some games that will take almost 600,000 euros after the Consistory has increased the initial game by 230,000 to be able to create two new spaces, one with a deck of approximately 450 square meters which will cover the area used by the little ones and another in which robinia wood elements will be installed to seek an “interrelation between the natural environment and the trees in the area,” explained municipal officials in the presentation.

The reform was included in the electoral program of the PNV of the last municipal elections and for years recovering the area has been a prominent neighborhood claim. In recent years, the local government has marked itself as priority to improve parks and two of them have been covered, one in Soloarte and the other in San Miguel.

However, what is the main work to be undertaken this year and to be tendered in the coming weeks, has also become the main opposition battering ram and reason for confrontation between the PNV-PSE team and the rest of the political parties. The latter request that the large amount be delayed and allocated to the needs that the pandemic is leaving, for example, to help hoteliers and merchants, as well as to improve mobility in Bidebieta and Kalero.

The local Executive, however, has no intention of saving your project. “The improvements in parks and gardens is one of the things most valued by the Basauritarras”, The councilor for the Treasury, Berta Montes, defends. “They are planning to leave behind one of the most demanded projects in this town. It is an investment intended for individuals, for families, “argues the mayor jeltzale. «Our will is that it continues. We have made a credit extension and you all agreed, not so long ago “, the mayor complains.

And in this line, it explains that it can be executed because «The budget has covered all the needs that citizens had and, therefore, we understand that they do not have to be deprived of this specific project. “If we had thought that trade, social services, employment and economic promotion were not perfectly covered. We would have had to think about postponing it, but this is not the case. It is a project with social performance ”, he adds.

“More vitality”

Since Eh Bildu, however, they show their discontent. «There are many works that remain in the inkwell and the Parque de la Arena, although it is a necessary work, it is not vital. There are more important things such as helping the hospitality and culture industry, ”says Javi Valle.

In his opinion, the local Executive has had the opportunity to stop it. “We proposed to stop the park when we presented the amendments. They say it can’t be done anymore, but it was on December 15 that they published the bidding decree and on the 21st the mayor’s office signed it. It could have stopped perfectly, that money is necessary for other things and we have been blamed for everything, “says Valle. The mayor invites the government to defend their “model and tell the Basauritarians that they are going to build this park.”

The spokeswoman for Together We Can, Marian Cantero, recriminates the local Executive for “insisting on the drop in income and that the budget is mediated by the crisis situation. They even assure that the motto of this year of the City Council is people first, but it is empty of content. They make concessions as they see fit and we wonder why they give priority to the works of a playground instead of aid to the most affected sectors. For Eduardo Rodríguez, PP spokesman, it is up to the “City Council to give aid.”

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