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A 9/11-like commission investigating the Capitol robbery


The objective of this new entity will be to examine the response of the Capitol police to the assault, as well as the reaction of other security forces at the federal, state and local levels.

Assault on the Capitol, on January 6.
Assault on the Capitol, on January 6.Julius cortezAP
  • USA This was the assault of Trump’s followers on the US Capitol
  • USA An ‘impeachment’ to Donald Trump made to measure of social networks

Democrats are not yet ready to end the assault on the Capitol on January 6. Following the acquittal of Donald Trump on Saturday in his second impeachment proceedings for his ties to the protesters, Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in Congress, announced on Monday her plans to launch an independent commission of inquiry similar to the who investigated historical events such as 9/11 terrorist attacks and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The robbery in Washington that killed five people falls into the same category of major events, according to Pelosi.

The objective is to clarify “the facts and the causes” that caused a mob that followed former President Trump to forcibly enter the historic building and spread panic for hours. It will be done by an independent 9/11-style commission approved by the then president George W. Bush and made up of five Democrats and five Republicans. They dedicated 20 months to the task to conclude that both the CIA and the FBI made mistakes that allowed such attacks on New York and Washington.

With President Kennedy, assassinated in Dallas in November 1963, the Warren Report – as it is popularly known – consisted of 888 pages in which it was concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald He was solely responsible for the death of the president and he acted alone, despite the many conspiracy theories that surfaced, as was Jack Ruby, the man who killed Oswald two days after his arrest. The investigation lasted almost 10 months.

This time the main goal is understand why the Capitol police response was so timid – in addition to the rest of the federal, state and local security forces – and how the protesters were able to reach the heart of the seat of the legislative power with little resistance. Pelosi suggested the idea for the commission two weeks ago and on Monday announced that it will be led by General Rusel Honor, who “has been assessing our security needs, reviewing what happened on January 6, and how we should make sure it doesn’t happen again,” he said.

Pelosi sent a letter to her Democratic colleagues announcing her plans on the commission hours after Republican congressmen accused her, in another letter, of being responsible for delay the intervention of National Guard troops during the coup. They ignored, yes, the inaction of Mitch McConnell, then Majority Leader in the Senate and with the authority to make a similar decision.

It is a new turn of the conservatives, who launched themselves to condemn Trump’s speech prior to the attack in the hours afterwards, and who on Saturday lined up in a majority after the figure of the former president in the political trial against him. Only 7 joined the 50 Democratic senators who voted to convict him compared to 43 who chose to absolve him of any responsibility.

This confrontation between the two sides over what happened in Washington at the beginning of the year could last more than a year and a half, in a commission that would need an agreement between the two factions to get going and the signature of President Joe Biden. For many it seems the last opportunity to hold Trump accountable for what happened on Capitol Hill, when he harangued the masses to march towards the federal building.

For now, Pelosi has promised to speed up legislation to allocate funds to the protection of “members of the Capitol” after consulting with Honor, who has been commissioned to reevaluate the security of the building. After the attack, they proceeded to increase the protection measures of congressmen and senators with fences around the Capitol and metal detectors, a decision that has not liked the conservatives. Some have complained about these detectors to prevent the entry of firearms in the federal building. They consider it an attack on the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

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