Saturday, March 25

A Barça without the lifeguard of Ter Stegen

The wall that had been built under the three poles of the Camp Nou is cracking. That wall built by Marc André ter Stegen It presents cracks between the billets through which goals slip. As if the passage of time had eroded the foundation and threatened ruin on the wall. It needs an urgent repair. It cannot take as long as the urgent remodeling of the stadium, finally approved.

Children have been left without the lifeline they believed they had in their older brother, whom they have seen in the last seven years preserving victories and scoring points. Ter Stegen has been cementing a prestige stacking bricks of solvency, of security, of trust, of stability, of solidity, which now tremble.

30 for, 30 against

Barça has conceded 30 goals in 23 games. A savage. An unsustainable average to have aspirations when compared to the goalscoring index: 30 have also been marked. Going at the same time, Barça will not get anywhere. Neto conceded 3 goals in the first 2 games, and the other 27 in 21 appearances pile up on Ter Stegen’s account. Only six times have they kept a clean sheet between him and his defenses.

Ter Stegen has lost the reliability that distinguished him: he has conceded 27 goals in 21 games

Responsibility is not only charged to the goalkeeper, even if he does not stop what he stopped, to the point that puns are generated and he is taken over Statue of Ter. Elche’s goals portrayed the breadth of Barça’s problem, which is not unique nor does it exclusively concern the German goal. The first pointed to the goalkeeper, who raised his arm without speed enough to clear Morente’s shot, nor did he hold his hand hard enough to deflect the shot that on other occasions would have been fired in another direction.

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Responsibility of all

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The second accused the defenders both individually – Alba’s tepidity to avoid the center, the loss of Araujo’s marking of his pair – and in the community, with four players going to the near post. (Araujo, Eric, Lenglet and Busquets) for two green-fringes and stripping his back where Pere Milla nodded at will.

The rate of chances conceded to rivals, without being quantitatively bad, has a dramatic impact: nine goals in the last five games. Statistics do not tell everything. The video completes the analysis of Barça’s weakness. Espanyol finished 12 times and Villarreal 14, but only conceded one goal, and it was the product of a chain error by the defenders. Betis only connected two shots and scored a goal; Osasuna finished well three times and scored two goals, just like Elche. Nico avoided the wall being crushed.

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