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A Barcelona firefighter sentenced to two years in prison who recorded naked colleagues

Barcelona fire station.

Barcelona fire station.

The Barcelona Court has raised the prison sentence from four months to two years for un firefighter who hid cameras in the women’s locker room and recorded her companions naked.

In the sentence to which Europa Press has had access, the magistrates partially estimate the appeal of the affected fire companies, to which the Prosecutor’s Office joined, considering it guilty of three crimes of revealing secrets.

Section 6 of the Audiencia de Barcelona also imposes a Restraining order for two years of the bombers whom he recorded.

After knowing the sentence, the affected fire companies have celebrated in a tweet collected by Europa Press the change in the sentence after, according to them, the first judge accused them of “obstructionists”.

In this sense, the magistrates affirm that in the first sentence there are allusions and actions that they have verified throughout the trial that “They do not reflect calm and distance due to the interventions that are made.”

In July, the 19th Criminal Court of Barcelona sentenced the firefighter for this cause, in which the Barcelona’s town hall.

Recorded for three months

The events took place between July and September 2015 at the Barcelona Bombers Park in Sant Andreu, when the man installed a microcamera under one of the sinks in the women’s locker room, “taking advantage of his status” as a worker.

The device was found by chance by one of the firefighters and on its memory card they found 13 files in which the three complainants were seen taking off their clothes, drying the body; and in some they are seen in their underwear and in others naked or semi-naked.

“I’ve never done such a stupid thing before, I swear I’ll never do anything wrong again”

Likewise, in these files the image of the accused himself can be seen up to three times. orienting the focal zone of said camera, and in one of the files the face of the accused appears.

In September, the defendant sent a message to the firefighter who discovered the microcamera asking for forgiveness for not accepting that he was “the culprit” and asking him to meet up to explain and apologize.

“I’ve never done such a stupid thing before, I swear I’ll never do anything wrong again. Deep down I’m not a bad person even though I have been lately “, He stated in another message that he sent him minutes later.

Those affected ask to disable it

The group ‘Bomberes per la dignitat de la dona’, which supports those affected, have shown satisfied by the corrections regarding the first sentence, but they assure that their struggle “does not end here”, because they want cases like these to never be repeated, they have expressed in a tweet collected by Europa Press.

In another message they have added that the sentence dignifies them and gives them the reason in their complaint “due to the evident lack of sensitivity towards the victims.”

“Now we only have to get the disqualification to act as a firefighter that we have claimed from the first moment “, have been exposed in a new Twitter message picked up by Europa Press.

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