Wednesday, February 28

A bolt to the test in the New Archangel

De la Calzada has only conceded 20 goals. / E. DOMEQUE

De la Calzada defends the goal of the team with the fewest goals in the group, a Villanovense who aspires to repeat his feat against Córdoba

His name is Ángel de la Calzada, but he really is the guardian angel in the Villanovense goal, the team with the fewest goals in group IV of the Second RFEF. Jiennense, 27, this past summer found his exit from the Third Division in the Serón team after three seasons playing at home in the ranks of the historic Real Jaén. A risky bet by Pepe Cuevas and Juanma Pavón that is responding in the 28 games played conceding only 20 goals, less than the almighty Córdoba.

“It has been the first team that has trusted to get me out of the Third Division well,” admits De la Calzada, who is happy and grateful to Villanovense in what he believes is his best season to date, “I am enjoying it because in this position you can’t always enjoy so many minutes». He had the bar high, yes, since he reached a goal defended years ago by big names like Álvaro Ratón, Wilfred, Leandro Montagud or Pedro López. “It’s the first thing they tell you when you arrive, but it’s a motivation,” he confesses.

Villanovense’s past and present have one thing in common today: Leandro Montagud and Ángel de la Calzada are the only ones who have managed to keep a clean sheet against Córdoba so far. “Keeping a clean sheet against those teams is doubly difficult, but that is not just the goalkeeper’s merit,” says the Serón lock, who this Sunday will try to keep that fact in his visit to the Nuevo Arcángel where, here, no visiting goalkeeper has managed to stop the leader.

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But the serones are willing to repeat a feat that no one else has achieved this year. “It is a pride to say that we are the only team that has managed to beat Córdoba on the pitch”, he affirms, “but we know that the game is going to be completely different from the first round; there in his field, with what is played and with his fans supporting ».

A motivational calendar

De la Calzada believes that this Saturday they will have to be close to perfection to get something positive out of the Cordovan fief starting with a good defense. «We have to be very serious behind, have clear ideas of what the coach has been transmitting to us and then have that little bit of luck to be able to surprise; It is a team that is going to dominate the game, we take it for granted, but that is not why we are going to give up the ball, if we go to the Archangel to lock ourselves up in the back and be more timid, we are going to lose out », he concludes.

Córdoba will be the first kilometer of a ‘Tourmalet’ that includes Cacereño, Montijo and Mérida on its route. “We know that the calendar is not the most favorable possible, but you never know”, warns the goalkeeper who believes that an apparently more affordable calendar could make relaxation appear, “the rivals are the ideal ones to be motivated and it will be in scenarios that They will give a spark of motivation.

He believes that it is a mistake to think beyond the next game, but he understands that it will be in Montijo where the qualification for the playoff will be largely played, “it will depend on how these two games go and then what football says.”

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