Thursday, December 2

A Camp Nou far from full and with many Messi shirts

  • It was the first game with the total capacity allowed but only 47,317 people attended, many of whom were wearing Messi’s shirt.

  • The club kept the ticket offices open where tickets from 40 euros could be bought without much success.

Prowling the exteriors of the Camp Nou it was like rejuvenating a few years, almost as if there had been no pandemic unless there was no avalanche. People still have a hard time leaving the house and cheering themselves up, especially when there hasn’t been much art on the lawn.

If a person had awakened from a chronic amnesia, had not read any newspaper last summer and did not even know that social networks exist to find out almost everything, I would believe that the Barça It is still the same as always, that magical club that beat almost everyone … and this world was surrendered to the magic of the soccer player who at that time wore the number 10 on the back with your name printed; one eme, one e, two s’s and one i. Because many fans who dared to go to the stadium did so anchored in the past and fantasy. They had not bought the shirts of the new stars. No way. They went with that of Messi and the number 10.

589 days later

Therefore, 589 days after the last game that Messi he played and where he scored, how strange! With the government’s permission that everyone who wanted could sit at the Camp Nou as long as they had a ticket or a season ticket, a good part of the fans still carry him in their hearts, or at least they come with their shirt. And even the tourists, blond hair and summery attire, did it, who continue to believe in Barça and who would have liked to see the field fuller and especially running to that player whose shirt they were wearing.

Until the first match ended, Barça kept the lockers open in case someone dared to come at the last minute and with the match started

Wander around the Camp Nou it almost served to write that of “as we said yesterday”, with people running, without them colliding with each other because there were hardly so many (only 47,317 people they came, far from the packed to the flag allowed by the Generalitat), if they saw that there were only a few minutes left and they sensed the risk of missing the hearing of the anthem. And with resellers, what did resellers do? “Tickets, tickets,” they screamed as if they were offering ice cream on the beach. “How much is the cheapest one?” A reseller was asked. “50 euros”, he replied. And where was the business, the trick? Because it was only necessary to go to the lockers, which were open, and ask. There were all the entrances in the world. “The cheapest costs 40 euros and the most expensive, in the gallery, 200 “, explained the Barça employee.” We are open until 21.45. That is, until the first part is over. “In case someone was late or unhurried.

No ‘free seat’

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March 7, 2020 was the last game to be played without restrictions. The pandemic was already threatening. That day 77,035 people they saw the triumph of Barça against Real Sociedad.

It will take time to fill the field again. Last night the ‘seient lliure’ that allows marketing a location of a partner when he does not go was still not working. And it probably didn’t help to make official that full access was possible when many people already had other plans for the weekend.

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