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“A celebration can turn into sadness”




The World Health Organization (WHO) this Friday launched a warning about Christmas plans in those areas where there is coronavirus transmission. «A celebration can turn to sadness. Take every precaution to keep yourself and others safe. That could be the best gift you could give: health, love of life, joy and hope, “said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the organization at a press conference.

Asked if they are a success PCR or antigen testing for coronavirus before going home for Christmas, WHO experts have explained that “they are not a guarantee.”

The executive director of the organization for Health Emergencies, Mike Ryan has affirmed that it is recommended to all those who suspect they may have the coronavirus to take a test, but has warned that a negative does not mean that it will continue to be days later. «Relying on a single test to decide if one can be assembled is a mistake because that test is not going to give us a guarantee for the rest of the days. We have to keep implementing the measures, ”Ryan stressed.

Instead, WHO officials have insisted on the recommendation to stay home, ensure social distancing, telework, wear a mask and wash your hands.

“One of the great lessons we have learned is that in many countries in Europe the summer contagion figures were reduced to double digits, and it is something we can achieve if we stick to the rules and remain vigilant“Said Maria Van Kerkhov, the organization’s head of emerging diseases and zoonoses.

According to Ryan, for now «The world situation is still very unstable, most of the world is still very vulnerable to the virus and the global figures are still very high, therefore avoiding community infections, even if vaccines arrive, should continue to be the main objective for the coming weeks and months.

On the forecasts of the WHO for the 2021 they have preferred to be cautious. Van Kerkhove has explained that “The vaccine is one more tool” and that “no one will be safe until we are all safe.” Therefore, he has appealed to the population to “think about the patience that we will need in 2021 to get out of this tunnel.

A long tunnel to go through in winter

For his part, the executive director of Health Emergencies of the WHO, Bruce Aylward, has warned that, although the “light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter every week” thanks to the vaccines against Covid-19, the majority “are still scarce ».

In addition, the expert recalled that “although many companies have already announced the efficacy of their vaccines, others have said that they will not be able to manufacture all the desirable ones or that they are detecting adverse effects once administered.” «The tunnel is long“We still have most of winter ahead of us,” said Aylward, who asks to take this light as a new spirit.

Finally Edward Kelley, Director of the Department of Service Delivery and Safety at WHO, has pointed out that «Next year will be a year of difficulties in which we will have to continue fighting over the idea of ​​what is essential and how we expand access to health coverage ”, as in 2021 the global economy is expected to deteriorate and more people will enter the cycle of poverty.

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