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A charming corner: A surprising spring pool

Santa Cruz de Paniagua has a curious swimming pool with two pools of natural water and a beach bar, in a place where it cools down at night.

Antonio J Armero

The first two impressions upon arriving at this picturesque place in Santa Cruz de Paniagua are surprise at finding such a place and guilt at not having seen it before. The two then give rise to a reflection, and it is the number of charming corners that Extremadura has, and how many of them are unknown to the majority.

When typing in Google the word pool next to the name of this town in Cáceres, among the first results returned by the search engine there is one that adds two more terms to the place: natural and spring. Thus, we have the natural spring pool of Santa Cruz de Paniagua, in the Trasierra-Tierras de Granadilla region, forty minutes by car from Plasencia. Once in the place, it is verified why Google is right with the name. Unlike your browser, which proposes a ‘tour’ around the town. Much better to attend to the signs of life, which lead to the shortest and easiest path. The latter, by the way, also contradict the famous search engine in the name of the place. And they also hit more than him. Signs lead to ‘La aliseda’, although in the village, the site is known as ‘La lisea’.

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The place has a swimming pool for adults and another for children.


The place has a swimming pool for adults and another for children. /


At a quick first glance, we are in a typical municipal swimming pool, with its two pools, one for adults and one for children, and its surrounding lawn, more careful in some areas and less in others. But soon, a detail surprises: on the floor there is a trickle of water that goes from the large pool to the small one. When approaching, it is verified that it is not a leak, but that the liquid flows through a channel enabled to fulfill that function, that of carrying the water from the pool of the older ones to that of the little ones.

And looking a little more, the explanation for everything appears. In one corner of the adult pool you can see another channel, which leads to a fountain located five steps away, in a corner of the enclosure. The spring water flows from there, supplying first one glass and then the other. And that later follows its descending course and ends up reaching the orchards of the area. “The spring is born precisely there, in the pool, and we use it for it, to reinforce the supply of the town every summer and also for the district of El Bronco,” reports Miguel Carlos Domínguez, mayor of Santa Cruz de Paniagua (296 inhabitants). . The final destination of this natural water is the Nogales stream.

‘La aliseda’ or ‘La lisea’ or the natural spring water pool, whichever you prefer, has another peculiarity: its location. It is in the middle of a green landscape, of trees and orchards, with no more concrete than is necessary for cars to reach the car park, which can be full depending on the day and time. The attractiveness of the site is completed by the picnic area and the beach bar, where you can eat. If it’s dinner, the mayor adds a recommendation that in this torrid August sounds like heavenly music: wear long sleeves.

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