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‘A city is not managed on Twitter’

Council Speaker Adrienne Adams thinks left-wing pols like AOC should worry more about lawmaking than likes.

The city’s legislative leader ripped the left to reporters Thursday, after Queens Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused her of “dirty politics” and claimed progressive city lawmakers were punished for voting against the Big Apple’s $101 billion budget.

“Some federal elected officials forget that a city is not managed on Twitter or social media,” an audibly furious Adams said during her regularly scheduled press briefing. “We don’t have that privilege.”

Earlier this week Ocasio-Cortez posted the accusations against Adams (D-Queens) on social media, after news organizations, including The Post, reported that progressive lawmakers who did not toe the party line on the budget were shut out of receiving any grants from a $41.6 million discretionary fund controlled by Adams.

The fight became superheated over one particular grant, to a Boys and Girls Club in Astoria, which saw its $150,000 grant awarded last year halved to just $75,000.

City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams took exception to AOC’s budget criticism.
Stefan Jeremiah for New York Post

“Who defunds after-school programming for underprivileged kids in public housing to score a political point?” Ocasio-Cortez said in her video of her. “That is like movie-villain type of decision-making right there.”

Adams claimed the cut was an oversight that would be corrected.

And, more broadly, Adams said during the press conference that all 51 city council members had received some funds from the ‘bonus’ pot, but that those who voted against the budget did not have their names attached to the requests granted for their district.

Instead, the grants were made via one of the Council’s caucus groups, and not the dissenting members.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused Adams of “dirty politics.”
Getty Images/Andrew Harnik-Pool

Adams told reporters the only punishment in force was denying the members the ability to claim credit for the grants, while also attempting to argue that the lawmakers and their constituents weren’t materially harmed.

The speaker made the remarks as she punished the lefty no-votes, all but describing them as spoiled.

“The ability for some to vote down a budget due to issues that are no doubt of serious importance without pushing our city over the edge is only made possible by those who vote to approve it,” Adams said.

Girls Club at 21-12 30th Road in Astoria Queens,
The Boys and Girls Club in Astoria received a $150,000 grant last year.
brigitte stelzer

“If you decide to vote against the city budget — despite its positive aspects and funding for your community, in addition to what you take issue with,” she continued, “it is not a punishment for your community to not have your name attached an additional allocation of funding that you voted against.”

She added: “No member and their district was shut out of this pot of funding.”

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