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A clean look to start the new year | Beauty

Chances are, you’ve already given up on your New Years resolutions (salute anyone who got upset in the first place). So, with that in mind, I’m not going to throw a look that requires a great deal of effort and willpower. Hence, this incarnation of a clean slate, according to Moschino AW20. All you need are eyebrows (if you don’t have any, fill them in), mascara (even a good lash primer will do), nude pink lips (matte is more discreet), and a touch of highlighter (in the corners of your eyes). The wool hat is not mandatory.

1. NARS Air Matte lip color £ 23,
2. Trish McEvoy Brow Perfector Pomade £ 29,
3. KVD Epic Curl Vegan Lash Primer £ 20,
4. Bobbi Brown Highlighter Powder £ 36.50,
5. Too Faced Peach Bloom Lip and Cheek Stain £ 18,

Can’t do without … the amazing scrub that has beauty editors talking

There’s this strange idea that whenever people from the beauty industry get together, in real life or via Zoom, we only talk about beauty products. I’m sorry for disappointing you. We’re more likely to talk about the shenanigans at # 10 or what to watch on Netflix. Every once in a while though, there’s a product launch that gets us all talking, like Drunk Elephant’s BabyFacial. It is the homemade scrub-mask-mask facial that gives you baby skin. For a time, it was only available in the US (British beauty publishers were smuggling a stash home). Now BabyFacial has finally reached our shores and when you try it, you will understand why it is a cult product. It combines a large amount of acids (lactic, salicylic, glycolic, citric) in a formula that basically resurfaces your skin (dead skin for so long) and leaves you with a smoother texture. It also minimizes the appearance of pores, deep wrinkles, and fine lines, and gives you brighter skin. Use it weekly, on clean and dry skin, for about 20 minutes and even on the first use you will notice a difference. There are things to keep in mind. It doesn’t burn, but it does tingle, so you may want to start with 10 minutes once every fortnight to relax. It’s fine for sensitive skin (warnings above apply), but if your skin is currently irritated, wait until it calms down. down. And when you do, give it a try. You will see exactly why we are all talking about it. Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari BabyFacial, £ 67,

On my radar … 3 cleansers to soften, rest and brighten skin

Oil change This hydrating cleanser, formulated with the so-called queen of oils, rose damascena, as well as Roman chamomile, is perfect for dry skin types. Indie Lee Soothing Cleansers, £ 32,

Clean bee Nourishing acai and antibacterial manuka honey are the key ingredients in this creamy, sulfate-free cleanser that not only removes makeup and dirt, but also brightens. PSA Reset Cleaner, £ 20,

Give it a break For skin that feels sensitive, irritated, or sore from cold weather or overindulgence, Oskia’s soothing cleanser provides a much-needed reset. Oskia New Rest Day Cleansing Milk £ 38,

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