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A Closer Look at the Best Subscription Services Which Will Make Great Gifts

If you’re looking for an unusual gift idea for a loved one that’ll put a smile on their face all through the year, then a subscription service could be a perfect choice. We round up the pick of the bunch below!

Gadget Discovery Club

For the techie in your life who is impossible to buy for, try this: a subscription to the Gadget Discovery Club. Selecting this gift will mean your loved one will receive a quarterly box filled with innovative lifestyle tech and gadgets to make everyday life more innovative! Expect just-come-to-market Smarthome devices, music tech, wearables, and a plethora of gizmos to entertain and add convenience to the daily routine.

For a unique gift that keeps on giving, this is a great choice.

Naked Wines Wine Club

If you have a friend or relative who appreciates a glass of wine or two, then a subscription to a wine club will have them toasting you for months to come. Naked Wines offers an innovative subscription package: to become a member, invest $40 a month on behalf of the recipient – this money is then used to fund independent winemakers and members, in return, can purchase fabulous wines and receive a discount of up to 60% on their order. You can get more info here regarding how this unique wine club model works and the benefits it delivers to investors and winemakers alike.

This gift subscription is a good option for those who are interested in trying a wide range of new wines and would appreciate the opportunity to fund brand new wineries. All of the wines that can be purchased via Naked Wines are exclusive to this company, which is another compelling reason to select this option.

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Buy a subscription to Glossybox for a lucky recipient, and they’ll receive a monthly treat package that will include at least five beauty products. This choice is known for its high-quality content and sample sizes which allow users to try out products without committing to spending on the full-size version. Glossybox works with over five hundred partners, including some of the most high-end and prestigious of beauty companies, so your loved one will be surprised with some truly indulgent products.

As well as premium cosmetics, subscribers will also get a glossy magazine to enjoy while they’re pampering themselves!


If you’re buying for a young person, then consider a gift subscription to KiwiCo: these boxes are designed to promote the STEM curriculum and to encourage kids’ natural curiosity and sense of adventure.  Choose the right crate: there is a range of options, each tailored to different ages, with a crate available for adults, too! Projects are designed to be engaging and enriching and feature opportunities to discover in the fields of science and the arts.

KiwiCo’s Panda crate is suitable to gift from birth, so whatever age you need to buy for, you’re covered.

The Cocktail Man

A luxury cocktail gift subscription from The Cocktail Man could win you the ‘best gift given of the year award,’ and rightly so: choose a three, six, nine, or twelve-month subscription. The lucky receiver can expect to unbox a monthly kit that includes the ingredients and recipe needed to serve up to five premium cocktails. As an example, a kit may include a mix of spirits and/or liqueurs, garnish, the recipe, and a postcard from The Cocktail Man himself!

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This is a wonderful way to treat someone to some new alcoholic flavors or some exciting spins on old classics.


Sign up a special someone to Bookishly, and they’ll receive a welcome pack immediately followed by regular packages that include beautiful books and some lovely extras, too, like luxury chocolate, premium coffee, or pretty stationery.

Bookishly specializes in the classics as well as vintage paperbacks. There are a range of subscription options available, from a one-off flagship box to a bi-monthly crate, so have fun choosing the perfect gift for your unique bookworm.

Stitch Fix

For a real treat, why not sign your person up for regular Stitch Fix deliveries? This interesting option sends out regular packages of clothing and accessories (for men and women) based on style, size, and price range. There’s a monthly charge of £10 for the expertise of a stylist, who will put together a unique look for your loved one – once the items are received and tried on at home, this £10 can be redeemed against the things that are kept. Free returns are available for anything that’s not suitable.

Stitch Fix is a fun way to get a fashion fix delivered to a friend’s door!

Bloombox Club

Pot Plants are hugely popular right now, not least due to the benefits they are linked to delivering to our general sense of wellbeing and happiness. If you have a friend or relative with a fondness for green babies, then a subscription to Bloombox Club will be a greatly appreciated gift! A subscription will deliver a new plant to the recipient’s door every month, along with a pot and everything needed to care for and nurture it.

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