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A consultation to become their monsters | Opinion

A campaign by Morena to call for a vote in the popular consultation on August 1.
A campaign by Morena to call for a vote in the popular consultation on August 1.MICHAEL BALAM / CUARTOSCURO

As Adolfo Sánchez Vázquez once wrote, Mexico is a country that inhabits and recycles its contradictions, while Mexicans are but the ones in charge of managing those contradictions.

The best – the clearest – example of the above, is the consultation that will take place next Sunday, August 1, a consultation in which voters – who unfortunately will not be as many millions as they should – will have the unique possibility , invaluable and wonderful, to choose whether or not to enforce our laws.

Because let’s be clear and honest, what is going to be voted on next Sunday, that is, in a couple of days, is nothing other than this: the possibility of binding criminals whose crimes have already been committed and who, therefore, they should be serving a sentence for a long time, without the need for the people, that is, we Mexicans, to shout in the public square.

But here is the contradiction that we must manage: in this country – in which surveillance and punishment exist only for those who have not managed to separate themselves from reality, through some jurisdiction or by belonging to any of the power groups political, economic or social that have made the law a framework that applies to all those who are not them – it is necessary that the people, that is, we, the Mexicans who live under the legal framework, shout so that guilt is possible .

I know, I have read and reread the arguments of the constitutionalists and experts in the field, as well as I have read the opinion of the Supreme Court and the hundreds of articles published in recent times: it is clear to me, then, as to anyone who does not want to be deceived, that the consultation that awaits us in a couple of days, from the legal point of view, was not at all necessary, although it was – as it was not clear to me at first: luckily, I still dare to change my opinion, acknowledging my own contradictions – from a political point of view.

“They are politicizing the issue,” they say, they write and they tear themselves here and there, accusing President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his clique of unpresentable, the opposition speakers, while politicizing themselves, that is, that other clique of unpresentable —With the pathetic added that they reveal, without even realizing it or, worse still, being absolutely aware of this, their own anxiety, their need for survival, an endless flight through that policy of violence that is impunity, of perpetuation, then, of the legal illegality that made them possible and real for so long and so long — that very thing.

Undoubtedly, this is true: for the current federal government, as for the previous governments and the factors of real power that accompanied them and that were their accomplices, if not their henchmen, next Sunday’s consultation has become —o it always was – on one more page of their strategies: at the end of the day, they don’t care about the crimes, but the political slit they can get out of those crimes – hence, lately, the opposition has turned the screw and, When they saw the consultation coming, knowing it was therefore inevitable, they began to say and warn that the decision to be taken next Sunday also includes the current administration (long live the empire of the obvious!) -.

But here is the contradiction that is exploding right now: neither the one nor the other, that is, neither the government nor the opposition – as well as most of the experts and collaborators of printed or electronic media – were able to understand and much less foreseeing that the people, that is, that the people, that we Mexicans could also politicize the issue – just as the federal government never imagined, for example, that the EZLN or the CNI would call to vote on Sunday , the opposition never imagined that so many sectors of those who considered their voters, would be willing to participate in the consultation.

That we could also politicize the consultation and do so, in addition, evidencing its own contradiction: while they, the powerful, worry about the guilty – they do not seek anything other than to hit their enemy -, we, the people, the Mexicans, worry for the victims – we seek justice and reparation for the friend. “The old world dies, the new takes time to appear. It is in that chiaroscuro where monsters emerge ”, Antonio Gramsci wrote almost a century ago: then monsters put people at risk; today, we can make them put power at risk.

On Sunday, beyond legal arguments, politicizing the matter to the maximum and assuming our own contradiction, Mexicans can be the monster that emerges from the chiaroscuro in which we find ourselves, the monster that points out and denounces crimes against humanity – whatever these the result of an active policy or the result of a policy of omission – the monster that stands up to necrocapitalism and its policies of annihilation of life and territory.

“We understand that« you have to enter it, not looking up, but looking at the victims », as in itself is the way of those who from the heart resist the death that capitalism imposes. The consultation must be converted into an “untimely” consultation, inopportune, inconvenient, inappropriate, as we are in itself for the powerful ”, declared the CIPOG-EZ.

This, the CIPOG-EZ, has declared in response to the EZLN’s call to participate in next Sunday’s consultation “opening a front to fight for life, a YES to truth and justice for the victims,” ​​but also, Of course, because they intuit, because they know, that it is time to set off the contradiction.

Because it is the moment that the contradiction, rather, for once, explodes in the face of the rulers, the opposition parties and the legal and illegal factors of power, who reign freely and thus also kill in Mexico .

Because it’s time for the monsters, then. And for once the monsters can be us, Mexicans.

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