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A court files the espionage by Pegasus to ERC charges in the Govern and the Barcelona City Council


Considers that it is not possible to advance in the investigation due to the infection of the telephones of Roger Torrent and Ernest Maragall

The Minister of Business and Labor in the ParliamentAndrew DalmauEFE
  • courts The court that investigates the espionage with Pegasus urges to analyze the cell phone of Minister Torrent

Stopping the judicial investigation into espionage by Pegasus on independence leaders. The Investigating Court number 32 of Barcelona has provisionally filed the case opened in 2020 for the alleged espionage on the mobile phones of the former President of the Parliament and current Minister Roger Torrent and the ERC councilor and mayor of the Barcelona City Council Ernest Maragall, since He is waiting for a response from several letters rogatory to Israel and Ireland.

In this sense, the politicians found out from the media that they appeared on the list of people infected by Pegasus in their communications in 2020 and that is why they filed a complaint that gave rise to the judicial investigation. The judge sent letters rogatory to Israel, headquarters of the company that markets Pegasus, and to Ireland, WhatsApp’s headquarters in Europe, since the infection was caused by this program.

A few weeks ago, when the Citizen Lab report came out, reporting the attack with Pegasus on 65 people linked to the independence movement, the court asked Torrent and Maragall to provide their mobile phones to analyze them with expert evidence. However, none of them handed it in since the terminals were the ones they used when they were in Parliament and they no longer had them.

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Torrent and Maragall’s lawyer has appealed for the provisional dismissal of the case, discrediting the court that has kept the investigation “materially paralyzed” for more than a year, without decreeing the dismissal, but agreeing to extensions of the investigation. For this reason, it demands that the judge “imprint agility on the investigation through the legally established means” and details that since last February the rogatory commission to Ireland responded that the computer data requested from WhatsApp that prove the attack of the mobiles with Pegasus are in USA. Ace, he demands that it be requested.

The resource details that after the Citizen Lab report there is “much more evidence of massive political espionage” and for this reason it demands that the different lawsuits for espionage be combined in the same procedure. However, none of the four complaints filed for this alleged espionage has been admitted for processing. Investigating Court 32 itself has that of the ANC, while the Cultural mnium is in Investigating Court number 21, that of the CUP in court number 22 and that of ERC in 24.

The Prosecutor’s Office has opposed accumulating them all in a single investigation in a single court, although it is in favor of investigating who is behind the espionage on the mobile phones of members of mnium Cultural, for a possible crime of revealing secrets. Despite this, she refuses to investigate the Israeli company NSO, maker of the Pegasus malware. The prosecutor supports the admission to processing of the monium complaint for the infection of the mobile phones of the former vice president of the entity Marcel Mauri, of the head of the international area Elena Jimnez, and of Txell Bonet, journalist and partner of former president Jordi Cuixart, uncovered following a report from the Citizen Lab.

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