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A court in Louisiana (USA) blocks law that vetoes abortion in the state

A court in Louisiana (USA) issued this Thursday a temporary order that blocks the ban on abortion in this state, while a lawsuit imposed by organizations that defend this right is resolved.

This was stated by the Center for Reproductive Rights in a statement where it explained that with this measure “abortion clinics in the state will be able to continue offering abortion services while the case against the veto is developed.”

The order issued by Judge Donald Johnson, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, comes in response to a law that prohibits abortion in that state and that came into force after the Supreme Court of the country revoked that right at the end of June. .

It is the second time this month that a court order blocks that prohibition, which was already paralyzed two weeks ago by a judge, although later another magistrate unblocked it.

The illegalization of abortion would imply the immediate closure of the three clinics in Louisiana that offer services to terminate pregnancy and that are located in the cities of New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport.

The governor of Louisiana, Democrat John Bel Edwards, supports the prohibition of abortion despite the fact that his party and the president of the United States, Joe Biden, defend this reproductive right at the federal level.

The US Supreme Court, with a conservative majority, abolished on June 24 the constitutional right to abortion, in force throughout the country since 1973, triggering a wave of illegalizations in the most conservative half of the country.

Organizations defending this right have waged legal battles in states such as Louisiana, Utah, Texas or Florida to try to stop these prohibitions, albeit temporarily.

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Biden last week signed an executive order to ensure that women can cross state lines to go for abortions where it is legal.

However, this policy has a limited scope, since the only way to shield the right to abortion throughout the country is through a law in Congress, where the Democrats do not have a sufficient majority.

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