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A cove of Xàbia disappears

Ports gives up the Tangó de Xàbia beach and will place breakwater rocks.

Ports gives up the Tangó de Xàbia beach and will place breakwater rocks.

Xàbia has lost a beach. It’s about the cove of the Tangó or the Pope of Xàbia that was disappearing little by little. The sea was in charge of swallowing its boulders. This, together with the landslides of the cliffs of the Cape of St. Anthony they were burying the remains of the beach. It has been 15 years since there has been a piece of that cove where an Orthodox priest used to bathe who arrived in the town after escaping from the Bolshevik revolution. hence its name: the Pope’s lime. The other name by which she was known, Tangó, made reference to the castaway rescue platform or “tangón” that was placed in the area around the year 1899.

Shipwrecked rescue platform.

A missing beach

Yes, a beach with history and without a present or a future. Getting her back is a chimera. The General Directorate of Ports, which depends on the Ministry of the Environment, considers it lost. “Unfortunately, nature has made it disappear», This body warns in the repair project of the shelter of the port of Xàbia. The section of the Tangó belongs to the Valencian government and it is located at the start of that breakwater, which is Levante and which suffered serious damage in the storm of January 2017 and even more catastrophic damage in the stormy glory January 2020.

Ports gives up Tangó de Xàbia beach and will place breakwater rocks | A. P. F.

Ports has given the green light to the project to fix and reinforce the dike. It will tender the works for 151,928 euros. They do not contemplate providing boulders or regenerating the cove. What will be done will be to place breakwater stones weighing 4.5 tons. You will create two courses with these huge stones to break the waves and preserve the platform on which the Tangó restaurant sits. It will also fill the now undermined base with stones weighing between 20 and 50 kilos.

The works have achieved a favorable environmental impact report. This breakwater solution is considered to have the least environmental and landscape impact. The small concrete viewpoint that overlooked this coastline of Cape Sant Antoni will also be rebuilt. The storms shattered it.

The works will take place at a point of great natural fragility. This coast is part of the Montgó natural park and the marine reserve. There are valuable seagrass meadows.

To avoid damage to the seabed, a floating barrier will be placed. The objective is not to deposit dust on the posidonia and to contain any spills of oils or hydrocarbons. In this way, an attempt will be made to give a new life to this Natural corner of Xàbia that once was a beach, today sadly disappeared.

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