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A Cs deputy leaves the party after denouncing pressure to sign a motion against Ayuso




The dropouts begin in Ciudadanos. The orange formation in Madrid lives its lowest hours after the electoral advance of Díaz Ayuso, who has removed them from the regional government. The regional deputy Sergio Brabezo has already announced via Twitter that he is leaving the party after 10 years of membership. So did, a few minutes later, the regional parliamentarian Marta Marbán.

Brabezo, who was first a councilor in the Madrid City Council (in 2015), and arrived at the Assembly in 2019, points out in his farewell letter that Alberto Rivera and his team “were the creators of a project that revolutionized the politics of our country because it made the so-called Catalan problem a matter for Spain ». After his departure, “I saw how new strategies were failing” until «Cs became the bearers of sanchismo».

But the worst thing for Brabezo, deputy spokesperson for Ciudadanos in the Madrid Assembly, is what happened the day Díaz Ayuso announced the electoral advance: «Cs Madrid not only tried to stop the call for elections in a tortuous way by allying itself with the sanchismo, but to the orange deputies we were pressured to sign a motion of censure against President Ayuso that proposed Ignacio Aguado as her substitute.

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He also protests against the “personal insults” that Aguado directed to Díaz Ayuso, indicates in his farewell letter from Cs, and assures that the one who has been his party until today “has abandoned the center and moderation to start tweeting in a way radical”. Therefore, he assures, “Ignacio Aguado cannot be a candidate for the Community of Madrid.”

Alert about the “insane drift” of Cs that could give the presidency of Madrid to “Errejón or Iglesias.” And for all these reasons, he leaves the party. In the parliamentary group They did not know if he would also leave the seat of deputy.

For her part, the deputy Marta Marbán He also used Twitter for his farewell, justified because “I do not identify with what is happening within Ciudadanos, and what is not understood is not defended.”

In her farewell letter, Marbán, who was the first councilor that Ciudadanos had in Madrid in 2011, recalls that she supported Igea in the primary process, but denounces that despite her attempts, “they have not accepted even a small representation of a different thinking within Cs, different voices ”.

believes that “Bad electoral results precipitate wrong decisions” like the motion of Murcia, trigger of the storm that is devastating the orange formation. He understands that “personal attacks are not worthy in a moderate and focused party.” The arrival of Pablo Iglesias to the Madrid electoral board «is a danger and he needs serious candidates facing him and who generate confidence in the people of Madrid, and that right now there is not in Ciudadanos », think.

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