Saturday, December 4

A deputy from Podemos denounces a sexual assault on the Jacobean route in Asturias

The deputy of Podemos for Ibiza Gloria Santiago I was enjoying the experience of doing the Santiago’s road alone, meeting “very hospitable people” and enjoying “something so wonderful” until yesterday, chen she was doing a stage between Luarca and Navia, a man followed her and began to masturbate in front of her. After the impact of this sexual assault, he got a second upset when, in a panic, he called 061, a phone that redirects to the 112, and the person who attended him, according to the account of the vice president of the Balearic Parliament, asked him how did he happen to do the Camino de Santiago alone. Politics says it is “outraged” by this reaction and recognizes the newspaper La Nueva España, from the same group as this newspaper, which from this moment “If I was already a little scared, now I will go with much more”.

The only reaction from the Principality of Asturias was that of Adrián Barbón, President of the regional government, who wanted to show his “support” through social networks: “Gloria, as President of the Principality of Asturias I want to express my support and affection and the desire that the Civil Guard manage to locate and arrest said individual . The Asturian people categorically reject these and all sexist aggressions, “he added in a response to a comment by Gloria Santiago herself on the same social network. This newspaper contacted the department responsible for 112 in Asturias from where they did not want to make any statement.

Gloria Santiago had a first experience with the Xacobea route a few years ago with her sister, with whom she did some stages in Logroño. This summer I had decided to try it alone: ​​”I liked the experience with my sister and I wanted to disconnect.” This time he chose to start the route from Gijón and finish it in Santiago. Everything was “normal” until he suffered the sexual assault: “I was walking and I felt the man from behind, when I turned around he told me he was going to piss, I took a few more steps and when I turned around he was masturbating.”

At that moment he began to run “as if there was no tomorrow.” Politics explains that the road he was traveling on was empty. “There was nothing, just green fields, only when I spent twenty minutes walking quickly did I meet someone,” he relates about an experience that he subsequently reported to the Civil Guard, which is investigating the events. “I reported and they took the car for a ride around the area”, explains Gloria Santiago, who asks “more vigilance on the Camino de Santiago. I haven’t seen a single patrol, ”he adds.

The next reaction he had after running was to take out the phone and call 061 (112 in Asturias): “Once this happened to me, I called the first phone that occurred to me, I had no feet to run, I took out my mobile From the fanny pack, I called and they asked me where I was, I told them I didn’t know and they answered that they couldn’t help me then, it seems incredible to me that they don’t have a pager to know where you’re calling from, ”says Santiago. But what seemed worse to her about the call was the comment they made to her: “She tells me how can I think of traveling alone, that if I haven’t found company to do the Camino, I find it outrageous.”

The deputy of Podemos considers that this type of sexist aggression can put the future of the Camino de Santiago at risk: “It is a shame that something so wonderful is going to be spoiled by machismo, there have already been other cases, including murdered women”. And it is that, continues the deputy, “all women who go alone talk about the same thing, that they are afraid, that you do not enjoy everything”. For Gloria Santiago that is unfair: “Women have a permanent curfew, you also carry the fear of your family, it is terrible,” she adds.

For her, for her part, they have “crushed” the Way, although she plans to continue if the tendinitis she suffers allows it and, above all, if she does not suffer more episodes like yesterday’s. “In Asturias people are very nice, in the bars I have stopped at during the Camino they have treated me phenomenally, they are very hospitable to pilgrims; It is a shame that machismo ends up staining the good name of this route ”, laments the deputy.

Although in social networks he said that he would buy a knife to continue his march feeling somewhat more secure, a shortly after, he opted for a pepper spray and whistle in case he encounters another similar episode. You hope not to have to use them and can finish your route with some peace of mind. To conclude, Gloria Santiago points out her lack of understanding in the face of actions of this type: “I do not understand how there are men who believe they have the right to carry out this aggression because it is an aggression. What goes through a man’s head to do something like that? Now he will be dining so quietly with his family ”.

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