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A discount of 500 euros on the Mycook Touch food processor and other super offers on Taurus products | Showcase

The Black Friday discounts can help us buy items from big brands at a much lower price than usual. It is the case of Taurus, a Spanish appliance company –of recognized prestige–, which has in its store online with a wide range of household cleaning products, small appliances to get the best performance from day to day, such as coffee makers, O kitchen robots with the most advanced technology on the market.

Diving in its catalog we have found six items from the brands Taurus and Solac (belonging to the group) with discounts of up to 54% They can become very candidate for Black Friday shopping. Yes, each of them has a limited offer of 15 units, so it is convenient to acquire them as soon as possible if we do not want to take surprises and run out of them.


Kitchen robot Mycook Touch

Eating healthy and preparing all kinds of recipes effortlessly is much easier with the robot Mycook Touch in the kitchen. Equipped with the most innovative elements on the market, it is very intuitive and allows you to make guided recipes or find out all the nutritional information you want on different foods. It has a WiFi connection, a color touch screen or a guided recipe book. You can choose between cooking manually or automatically and it includes all the necessary accessories for steaming or for simultaneous preparation in the jug or steamer. It is a robot capable of kneading, shredding or chopping and that fits into any kitchen thanks to its modern and elegant design in metallic gray.

41.7% discount, save 500 euros.

Robot de cocina Mycook Touch Taurus

Buy for € 699 at Taurus

Kitchen robot Mycook Touch Black Edition

Another ideal candidate that adapts both to the needs of people without any experience in the kitchen and to the demands of more seasoned cooks. Experimenting and getting unique recipes is as easy as selecting the time, temperature, speed and combining the ingredients to your liking or being guided by the recipes that it incorporates by default. It is equipped with a seven-inch touch screen for quick control and, thanks to its induction cooking system, it allows food to cook evenly in just a few minutes. It includes a scale function and a steamer with a capacity of 4.5 liters. In the main jug you can also chop, emulsify, whip or fry all kinds of food.

40% discount, save 400 euros.

Robot de cocina Mycook Touch Black Edition Taurus

Buy for € 599 at Taurus

Kitchen robot Mycook one

It is a new version of the kitchen robot Mycook with a modern and elegant design that includes all the necessary functions to cook in the easiest and fastest way possible. For this, it allows cooking at a temperature of up to 120 degrees as well as frying, steaming or grinding, emulsifying, mounting, etc. It has ten speeds, an integrated scale, a turbo function and a recipe book with more than 300 proposals that can be expanded through its app. The jug has a 2-liter capacity and, among the accessories, it includes a mixing paddle, spatula, basket and a steamer with a capacity of 4.5 liters.

46.5% discount, save 260 euros.

Robot de cocina Mycook one Taurus

Buy for € 299 at Taurus

Solac super-automatic coffee machine

The best ally to start the morning with energy and preparing tasty coffees with a professional finish. It has a compact design (18 centimeters wide), to adapt to kitchens with little space, and allows you to prepare coffee in just 40 seconds. It has a 160 gram coffee container and a 1.2 liter removable water tank. With 19 bar of pressure and 1470 watts, it has an advanced system Ultra Fast System and three modes of use: eco, fast and default. It also allows you to adjust the level of grinding and is equipped with a cappuccino maker to froth or heat the milk and a hot water dispenser to prepare infusions. Cleans easily and includes a self-cleaning option.

48.4% discount, save 281 euros.

Solac super-automatic coffee machine

Buy for € 299 at Taurus


Robot aspirador Lucid i10

With this proposal for a Solac robot vacuum cleaner, comprehensive home cleaning can be tackled in less time because it is a device that vacuums, mops and scrubs. Through a system of infrared sensors, it navigates intelligently through the rooms and allows choosing between six modes of use: auto, edge, spiral, small room, max power and manual. It is a very quiet robot (60 dB) and is equipped with a motor Strong Suction iTech to guarantee maximum suction and aspiration on any surface. In the scrubbing option, it is capable of covering an area of ​​150 square meters without the need to fill the water tank. It also includes a remote to control it remotely without problem.

54.8% discount, save 181 euros.

Robot aspirador Lucid i10 Solac

Buy for € 149 at Taurus

Vertical vacuum cleaner Ultimate Digital

Along with robots, another highly demanded option for daily household cleaning is broom or vertical vacuum cleaners, as they allow you to reach every corner easily. This is the case with this Taurus proposal that adds another advantage to mobility: it does not need cables. It is equipped with a motor Brushless Digital Driver Latest generation and very powerful to remove even the toughest dirt. It is very light (weighs 2 kilos) and silent. After charging the lithium battery that it incorporates, it promises 40 minutes of autonomy. It has lighting to see correctly under furniture or dark areas. In addition to the main brush (suitable for all types of floors), it incorporates a 70-centimeter long aluminum extendable tube and a brush for furniture and upholstery.

43.9% discount, save 101 euros.

Ultimate Digital Broom Upright Vacuum

Buy for € 129 at Taurus

* The recommendations so that deliveries of online orders can be carried out with total security for distributors and customers indicate that direct contact between the two should be avoided, maintain a safe distance and wash hands after opening the package. All delivery men are instructed to exercise extreme caution.

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of November 21, 2020.

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