Monday, October 18

A discreet Girona stalls against a Sabadell without gunpowder

  • The first Catalan derby of 2021 ended in a draw (0-0) that took Francisco’s team away from the promotion play-off and took the Vallesans out of relegation

  • Montilivi’s team has only added 2 of the last 9 points, while the Harlequins had several chances to win in the second half.

With two points out of nine in his last three league matches he Girona has seen his illusions of assault to the zone of promotion play-off to First. The team of Francisco he repeated this Monday against Sabadell the same result of his previous duel in Montilivi against the Lightning, a goalless draw insufficient for that ambitious but generous goal according to the development of the duel. If any club deserved the victory that was the Sabadell.

Something more was expected from Girona in a new appointment at home against a rival who prolonged in 2021 the good sensations which he exhibited in the last part of the year. The harlequin painting chained his fourth game without falling and it is already out of the relegation zone, even if it is tied on points (19) with the Castellon and the Alcorcón.

Stuani’s low

The Catalan derby was already twisted hours before the start for Girona with the loss of Stuani by one muscle injury that will have two weeks off the lawn. Even so, the first clear chance was for Sylla, who was not able to successfully finish off an excellent cross by Aday (m. 8). Local dominance had its heyday within half an hour with a goal disallowed for offside to Aday after an auction of Pablo Moreno masterfully repelled by Mackay.

Girona did not take advantage of those opportunities and Sabadell settled down little by little. With a rocky system and greater clairvoyance than their rival, the Vallesan team dismissed the first half with a Querol good deed that was about to end Victor. The Vallesan block maintained its good level after the break to the point of wasting four clear opportunities to win an invaluable victory.

Stoichkov, fallon

Juan Diego Molina, better known as Stoichkov, threw away his two options, the first after avoiding the bad exit of Juan Carlos, and the second, with a header that narrowly missed.

The changes gave even more dynamism to the visitors, as in tune in the game as misguided in completion. A loose shot of Juan Hernandez (m. 81) and a deflected volley from Guruceta (m. 86) were the last attempts of a Sabadell no gunpowder who spared a gray Girona.


Girona: Juan Carlos; Calavera, Bueno, Bernardo, Franquesa; Aday, Gumbau, Monchu, Pablo Moreno; Bárcenas, Sylla. Technician: Francisco. Changes: Valery for Pablo Moreno (d. 65); Cristoforo by Calavera (d. 72); Couto by Monchu (d. 72); Álex Pachón by Aday (d. 82).

Sabadell: Mackay; Hood, Coch, Ibiza; Víctor García, Undabarrena, Adri Cuevas, Pierre Cornud; Nestor Querol, Stoichkov; Guruzeta. Technician: Antonio Hidalgo. Changes: Boniquet for Cuevas (m. 46); Héber Pena for Víctor García (d. 62), Juan Hernández for Querol (d. 67); Rubio by Capó (d. 67); Ozkoidi by Pierre Cornud (d. 77).

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Goals: There was not.

Referee: Sagués Oscoz, Basque.

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