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A divided coalition already drained from the pandemic





The president of the Community of Madrid has become one of the political figures in recent months. The evolution of the pandemic has had its epicenter in the region. Isabel Diaz Ayuso, questioned at the moment by the slow start of vaccination in its territory, has established itself in this course as a national political leader with a strategy differentiated from that of other barons of the PP and presenting itself as a counterpoint to the management of the coalition government.


On this first anniversary of the coalition, the political position of Pablo Iglesias and Pedro Sánchez’s compromise have allowed us to cross the line. EH Bildu has established itself as a crucial partner to maintain the left-wing government together with ERC. Its support for the Budgets has meant a flagrant breach of the PSOE of its statements in the past regarding the formation of Otegi and their refusals to agree with them.


The word that changed everything like no other in many decades. And a word that will mark the next few years. In our country, the pandemic has already claimed more than 50,000 official deaths. But different public statistics raise the excess mortality to about 80,000 deaths.


Before the pandemic broke out, the “Delcy case” was the first scandal that gripped the government. The Minister of Transport traveled to Barajas on a secret mission to receive the Venezuelan vice president Delcy Rodríguez. The Government has never explained the reasons and at the time there were multiple versions. Recently, the Supreme Court has closed the case and does not see crimes, but it does recognize that the prohibition of the EU Council to allow the entry of the lieutenant of Nicolas Maduro on community land.


Response strategies to the economic crisis have been one of the key elements of political discussion. Its design and scope has caused much of the disagreement within the government. Among all of them, ERTEs have constituted the immediate response mechanism for avoid massively expelling millions of workers into unemployment. But its application and execution has generated many problems. The current extension ends at the end of January and there is still no firm agreement to extend it. More than 700,000 people are still in this situation.


The Government continues to show signs of opacity. Recently, La Moncloa has ordered the State Attorney to appeal the ruling of the National Court that, at the request of ABC, forced him to report on trips “unrelated to his status as Prime Minister” using official transport such as this famous plane.

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The pandemic played down one of the central elements of Catalan politics in the last decade. At the beginning of the year Pedro Sanchez and Quim Torra They agreed to set up the dialogue table between the central government and the Generalitat. A space outside the Parliament and for bilateral negotiation. This forum was a concession from the PSOE to ERC in exchange for support in the investiture. The pandemic has paralyzed that space, but not the understanding of the partners in the budgets. Nor has it ended the contact between the negotiators of both parties. Their relationship will be key in 2021, when the Catalan elections take place. And with the pardons of the “procés” on the horizon.


One of the sectors most affected by the serious economic crisis. And whose situation represents the change in the Spanish life model and the emotional wound of the pandemic. The specific plan for their rescue was not approved until a few weeks ago, after strong disputes in the government. More than 60,000 hospitality businesses have closed.


He is the political character of the year. Elevated to Minister of Health in search of a lectern in Madrid without many competencies to continue performing his role as Secretary of Organization of the PSC, Salvador Illa just a few weeks after taking office, he became responsible for managing the most serious pandemic in a century in our country. His management at the forefront is summarized in some data that places Spain at the head in terms of infections and deaths. However, his communicative style has been considered an asset and in the socialist universe it is considered an electoral value. What has caused him to become the PSC candidate for the next Catalan elections.


The blockade around the renewal of the CGPJ has been an element of tension between PSOE and PP. After negotiating over the summer, the contacts were cut off. The PSOE assures that the agreement was practically made and the PP denies it. The Socialists and Podemos registered a law to modify the majorities for renewal. The warnings from Europe made Moncloa stop that project. But the agreement with the PP continues without reaching.


Past corruption cases continue to grip and condition the PP. An espionage operation against the former Treasurer of the Popular Party is investigated Luis Barcenas through the resources of the Ministry of the Interior. Your responsible, Jorge Fernández Díaz, and his subordinate, Francisco Martinez, they appear faced with different strategies. The Congress of Deputies opens this January an investigative commission on the case promoted by the Government and its partners.

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The Government has approved at the end of the year an educational reform project with the support of the investiture block and the Budgets that has caused deep discomfort in the concerted school. During the negotiation process, the PSOE agreed at the request of ERC to suppress a reference to Spanish as a vehicular language.

Motion of censure

Vox presented a motion of censure that was debated in the Congress of Deputies the last week of October. It was defeated by having only the votes in favor of the proposing group. For weeks, the great unknown was the position of the PP. Pablo Casado He reserved his letters and surprised the debate with a very harsh speech against a party thanks to which in 2019 he achieved a good part of his territorial power. But the political battle on the right prevailed before the undisguised attempt by Vox to place the PP in a complex situation. The popular ones have maintained a sustained rise in the polls since the summer.


Podemos is on the ropes in court. Recently, the Madrid Provincial Prosecutor’s Office has opposed the filing of the case in which the training is investigated for a crime of irregular financing in relation to the contract with the consulting firm Neurona. The judge investigates that contract for an amount of 363,000 euros that the United We Can coalition tried to pass as electoral spending in the 2019 general elections.


The beginnings of the pandemic are not understood without the role played by the World Health Organization. On January 30, he had already declared an international public health emergency. He has been criticized for not having anticipated more strongly the situation after the first cases in China. The rest of the world relies on the agency’s recommendations during January and February so as not to have adopted more drastic measures.


Pedro Sánchez has succeeded in the second attempt to approve some Budgets that replace those of 2018 approved by the PP. To do this, it has built a coalition based on Pablo Iglesias’ strategic scheme, with Bildu and ERC, and no space for citizens. With these accounts approved, Sánchez will try to mitigate the effects of the crisis so that it does not ruin his mandate. And it gains autonomy within the Government against Iglesias.

Quintos de Mora

Before the pandemic broke out, the President of the Government gathered the entire team on this farm owned by National Heritage to grease the work of the coalition. A coexistence whose jobs were surpassed by the health exceptionality and that did not serve to unite the Government.

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Felipe VI renounced in March any inheritance that came from his father. The cases around the figure of Don Juan Carlos They have led the former Head of State to leave Spain and have opened a debate, encouraged by part of the Government, on the Monarchy. Pedro Sánchez supports the idea that the Crown needs reforms, but that process of change has already started Don Felipe from the beginning of his reign.


Probably the most recognized character of the year in Spain. Absolute protagonist of the beginning of the pandemic. His diagnosis as director of the Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies minimized the pandemic. His comments regarding the low incidence of the virus are now history and explain a slow response at the beginning of the crisis.


An expression almost forgotten and that has been recovered with the state of alarm. Currently throughout Spain there are limitations on free movement in certain time slots.


The role of Brussels has been highlighted as essential to respond to the economic crisis. For the first time, a community disbursement has been agreed that will be distributed among all countries based on their impact by the pandemic.


It is the key word for 2020 and it will be in 2021. The Government expects to have immunized 70 percent of the population in September. But the vaccination plan has started very slowly and unevenly throughout the country and without clear solutions from the Government.


Elections in the United States leave Donald Trump outside the White House. After weeks of tension due to the electoral count that ended in an attempted assault on the Capitol. Joe Biden He will take office on January 20.

Ximo Puig

After having been an enemy of Pedro Sánchez, the president of the Valencian Community has become the most important socialist baron for Ferraz. He governs with Podemos and the nationalists, and has directed the speech against the “centralism” of the Community of Madrid.

Yolanda Diaz

The Minister of Labor has been the protagonist this year as she is the only Minister of United We Can with the competence to make public policies. It has reached agreements with social agents and in recent weeks it has lost the battle to raise the SMI.


The Hospital for pandemics designed by Isabel Díaz Ayuso has received criticism for its cost and equipment. But in the third wave, it is already the one that welcomes the most Covid patients.

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