Monday, January 24

A doctor from Mallorca calls to force entry to restaurants without a covid passport

The covid certificate in the Balearic Islands and already circulates a document so that deniers can exercise their rights and evade its use. In Son Espases (Palma de Mallorca) a doctor calls for subversion of the passport. He has put into circulation in an internal chat the so-called ‘Human safe conduct to enter any establishment ‘. Their arguments, that vaccination is not mandatory and if entry is not allowed the person in charge of the premises can be denounced for incitement to hatred, crime with penalties of up to four years in prison, it is warned in a threatening tone.

In a chat in which doctors, nurses and assistants participate, among other professionals from Son Espases, a doctor has released the document attributed to Frontera Legal, Association in Defense of Human Rights, on whose website or Facebook can be downloaded.

“I have the right to file a complaint for incitement to hatred with penalties of up to four years in prison”


“Please, Mr. / Mrs. clerk: it is important that you read this document”, starts the controversial safe-conduct, “in the supposed case in which they do not allow me entry because I do not want to show my vaccination card, you should know the following”. In the first place, it supports the subversion to present the covid certificate in which vaccination in Spain “is not mandatory” Therefore, “by law, no person can be prohibited from entering for not proving the covid-19 vaccination, or any other disease.”

Based on this premise, it is noted that “if I am prohibited from entering your establishment / service due to the ‘alleged’ interpretation of non-vaccination”, privacy rights are being violated, recognized in article 18.1. of the Constitution, no longer suffer discrimination, according to article 14, “among other rights recognized as a citizen / consumer.

The alleged recipient of the establishment that requires the covid certificate that collaborates with the application of discriminatory norms and is the author of a crime, “with the consequent moral damages and damages to my person”.

The next anti-vaccine argument is that the establishment must show that it is accredited for the processing of personal data, with “sensitive character”, when dealing with medical data, and, therefore, private.

Finally, it is advised that in addition to being able to request the claims sheet exercising consumer rights, “as a free human being” you can file a complaint “for the crime of incitement to hatred” against those who do not show or have the covid certificate, “with penalties of up to four years in jail.”

In the association’s social networks It is already questioned who the document is to be delivered to or whether it has to be signed. They also spread posters, headings like ‘Free zone’ for establishments that refuse to ask for passports.

The Government wants the covid certificate to be in force from next Saturday day 4 and is awaiting the endorsement of the Superior Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands. The anti-vaccines are already prepared to defend themselves.

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