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a double filicide with ritual overtones




When your search began, Amiel and Ixchel had been buried for hours. It was his mother who guided the Civil Guard to the graves where the lifeless bodies of children under three and a half years and six months, respectively, were found in the small garden of the house that the family had illegally occupied since 2017.

The agents of the device deployed to find her children had found the woman naked and hidden inside a drum. What happened the night before in that country house in the Valencian town of Godella he escapes reason and writes one of the darkest pages of the black chronicle of the country.

The Valencia Court will judge María G. and Gabriel C. from this Monday, with a popular jury, for the murder of their two children during the night from March 13 to 14, 2019. She admits to having buried her children when she found them dead. He assures that he was asleep while his partner committed the crime and that he did not know of the events until the following morning, although he did not give notice of what happened to the authorities.

The mother is unimpeachable because she suffers from a paranoid-type schizophrenia which was diagnosed as anxiety months before the crime. For her, the Prosecutor’s Office requests 25 years of internment in a specialized center. Therefore, the oral hearing will focus on determining the degree of involvement of the parent, for which the Public Ministry requests 50 years in prison -25 for each murder, with the aggravation of kinship- and on which it has been proven that he does not suffer any type of mental illness. In addition, the prosecutor demands compensation of 300,000 euros from both for maternal and paternal grandparents.

Image of Civil Guard agents working at the scene of the events in March 2019
Image of Civil Guard agents working at the scene of the events in March 2019 – EFE

Amiel and Ixchel received multitude of blows to the headEither with a blunt object or by hitting them against the ground. At the edge of the pool of the house, the boy’s blood was found, the same blood that was found on the jacket that his mother was wearing that day.

Of the father, however, there is no biological evidence, but there are indications of his participation in what is considered a ritual. In fact, the prosecutor believes that they acted in concert and “doing and letting each other do.”

The defendants, a common-law couple since 2011, shared mystical-religious beliefs. According to the public accusation, Gabriel induced Maria to believe in regression and in the rebirth of souls after the death of bodies. Both were convinced that a sect, made up of their own relatives, was persecuting them, wanted to kidnap them and sexually abused their eldest son, to the point that they were on vigil at night to avoid being attacked.

So much so that, after the macabre event, the investigators collected documents and manuscripts in the house, which they assign to the father, with references to offerings or Mayan rituals, in which children died.

Pre-infanticide alerts

At the beginning of 2019 the family situation worsened. At the time they were denounced by the owner of the house they occupied, the maternal grandmother began to be more aware of her grandchildren. Maria’s mother was concerned about her daughter’s attitudes and the influence her son-in-law had on her. In fact, he even denounced the danger that minors were running to Social Services and the Godella Local Police a few days before the infanticide, after receiving a message from his daughter saying: “Thank you for everything, Creator. I’m going with you. Bye, Mom”.

Conspiracy theories in which everyone had a plot against the family, as the woman declared, were a constant in that house. Furthermore, little Amiel had stopped going to school because his parents believed that he was mistreated there. Furthermore, before suffering that “acute outbreak” of schizophrenia that annulled her faculties, Maria had refused to go to the psychiatric hospital.

The afternoon before the infanticide, after an administrative ordeal that did not work, the maternal grandmother sat before the judge on duty in Valencia and related his fear that something would happen to the children, offering to take care of them. But all the protocols failed and no urgent measures were decreed.

Between ten o’clock at night and four o’clock in the morning of that same day, according to the prosecutor’s account in the brief of justiciable facts, María and Gabriel bathed their children in the pool to purify them.

Later, both minors were victims of a brutal assault for which they suffered “head trauma, with multiple skull fractures and brain injuries, which produced a depressive effect on the vital neurological centers that regulate respiratory and cardio-circulatory functions, and with them the death of both. Later, they were buried in two different places on the same plot, 75 and 150 meters from the house, respectively.

The defendants have since been in provisional prison. Starting Monday, and during the first two weeks of June, they will be the protagonists of a trial that will return to the front page a terrible event that should never have occurred.

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